Dolphins trying to sign Gerrard or Delhomme this week, while Henne is still hurting

During their bye week, the Miami Dolphins will be practicing today, tomorrow, and Thursday before taking the weekend off.  The Dolphins resume practice next Tuesday, as they begin to make adjustments to dig themselves out of the current 0-4 hole they find themselves in.  As practice resumes today, we learned that Chad Henne is not practicing with his Dolphins teammates….The same Chad Henne who fell and injured his non-throwing shoulder in the Dolphins 26-16 loss to the Chargers on Sunday.

Henne said earlier this week that he would rip his left arm off and play, just as long as he can post the ball…By the way, what does posting the ball mean?  Anyway, for all of his flaws, the Dolphins young QB is tough.  He’ll play through pain.  We haven’t gotten an official diagnosis of Henne’s injury yet from the Dolphins…However, reports indicate that Henne’s shoulder is getting a 2nd opinion.  This means Henne and the Dolphins didn’t like the first opinion (likely for surgery).  We should know more news later this week on Henne’s status for the remainder of the season.

At this point we are only left to guess as to Henne’s health for the Dolphins game Oct. 17th against the Jets.  We did get some information, not about Henne directly, but about the Dolphins backup plans in case he is seriously injured.  According to Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network, the Dolphins have tried to sign David Gerrard and Jake Delhomme this week, but haven’t been able to reach an agreement with either:

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Maybe the Dolphins pursuit of these QBs is just a backup plan, in case Henne can’t return this season.  Or perhaps they actually think one of them will be an upgrade to the QB play the Dolphins have received thus far.  Henne, after all, has completed only 57% of his passes and has 4 TDs and 4 INTs (79.4 passer rating).  Along with the two names mentioned above, Brodie Croyle is also a possibility, as the Dolphins worked him out a few weeks ago.  Of the quarterbacks mentioned, Delhomme is the most familiar with the Dolphins’ offense from his time in Cleveland with Brian Daboll.  In my opinion, the only one of the bunch that MIGHT be an upgrade is Gerrard. will keep you posted on the Dolphins pursuit of a veteran QB, as well as bring you any interesting tidbits from Dolphins practice today.

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