Dolphins Vontae Davis could be getting traded to Colts?

The Miami Dolphins new coaching staff has only been around for about 8 months. It’s pretty clear that Vontae Davis hasn’t made a good impression with them. The Dolphins former 1st round pick apparently arrived at camp over weight and out of shape. Vontae was replaced early in camp as the starter, opposite Sean Smith, by Richard Marshall.  Now, rumors are flying that Vontae could be on the trading block.

The Colts owner, Jim Irsay, fueled speculation around the league on Thursday night when he tweeted out the following:

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Irsay cautions that the deal he’s referring to could fall apart. Dolphins fans have been trying to connect the dots, suggesting that the Colts’ owner could be talking about Vontae Davis. Rotoworld’s Evan Silva believes the Colts are targeting a veteran cornerback, so Vontae would make sense. While it’s possible Vontae could be traded, I doubt it. Vontae was a 1st round pick for the Dolphins just a few years ago and the team would be giving up on him relatively early in his career.

Davis has been in the doghouse prior to this year.  Remember when he showed up at practice late and hungover? He clearly has some maturing to do.  If he can mature, he has the physical tools to become a very good  NFL player. As Armando mentions here, he’s also relatively inexpensive, even if he’s only the team’s 3rd CB.

The big question, that only the people inside the Dolphins organization know, is whether or not the team is growing tired of waiting for Vontae to mature. If the Dolphins could work a trade, with any team (not just the Colts), for a starting caliber WR, would they seriously consider moving Vontae?  It’s possible.  What if they could work out a deal with a team for a 2nd round pick?  Again, it’s possible, if the Dolphins don’t believe Vontae can mature any time soon.  What do you think?  Leave a comment below or in the Phins Forum and let us know if you would put Vontae on the trading block.  We’ll continue to listen/watch for any news on this story and will certainly keep you posted.  If Vontae doesn’t play tonight against the Falcons, it could be a key indication that he’s being shopped to other teams because the Dolphins won’t want to risk him being hurt.

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