Dolphins want to sign Vince Young?

A lot has been made this offseason about the Miami Dolphins search for a quarterback to come in and compete with Chad Henne.  We’ve heard rumors that Carson Palmer would be the top choice….We’ve told you that our top choice would be to go after Kyle Orton.  Some even think that Matt Moore would be a good option (not us!).   However, a report that surfaced this morning indicated that the Dolphins are indeed planning on pursuing Vince Young, once the Lockout is over.

In our QB series a couple of months ago, we explained why Vince Young would be the best choice for the Dolphins this offseason.  Young has had his issues off the field, but his production when he has played has been very good.  Young is 30-17 as an NFL starter and last year, in 10 games amassed a QB rating of 98.6.  If you’re wondering if that would be an upgrade over Chad Henne of the Dolphins, wonder no more.  Young’s QB rating is 23 points higher than Henne’s (75.4).

The Dolphins would likely bring in Young to compete with Henne.  What helps is that Young will have to be motivated, wherever his next destination is, because it could be his last.  He’s still technically on the Titans roster, but the team has been saying for months that they’ll look to release or trade the QB from Texas.  Most likely scenario is that he’ll be released outright, meaning that the Dolphins would not have to forfeit draft picks to acquire him.  Some think that if Young were to lose the Dolphins QB competition with Henne, he would sulk and return to his old ways.  However, if he loses the job to Henne, the experiment would already be a failure, would it not?

We’ve said for some time that Orton was our top choice for the next Dolphins QB, with Vince Young as the next best option.  Adding a playmaker like VY would help the Dolphins offense become more explosive.  According to statistics from, Vince Young was the best quarterback in the NFL at completing the deep ball…this happens to be an area that Chad Henne is very weak in (he ranked 29th).  VY could be exactly the player that Sparano would love for the Dolphins, as he could help the team increase their number of ‘chunk yardage’ plays.

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