Dolphins win the toss, elect to receive 8th pick

Earlier this morning, the Miami Dolphins anxiously awaited the result of their coin flip with the Panthers to determine the #8 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.  The flip was originally scheduled to take place at 7am…then the flip time was rescheduled to 730am EST…Fans became nervous, the anticipation built.  Would the Dolphins luck begin to change with one flip of a coin?  Or would they lose the coin toss and the 2012 would be lost before it began…..

Yes, I’m mocking the idea that the #8 or #9 pick is THAT big of a deal.  In truth though, it could mean the difference between the Dolphins getting the player they want or the Panthers stealing him 1 spot before.  It could also mean the difference in compensation for the Dolphins.  The Dolphins now sit at #8 and according to the Draft Value Chart, that pick is worth 1400 ‘points’.  The #9 pick is worth 1350 points.   That 50 point difference is the equivalent of a 4th round draft pick.  That value only comes into play if the Dolphins are looking to trade up or trade back from the #8 position.

Among the names mentioned for the Dolphins at #8 have been Quinton Coples (DE, North Carolina), Courtney Upshaw (DE, Alabama), Melvin Ingram (DE, South Carolina), and Riley Reiff (OT, Iowa).  Truth is, no one knows what direction Jeff Ireland is going to go.  We won’t know until the draft is upon us.  The popular consensus, however, is that the Dolphins will go either Offensive Tackle or pass-rushing Defensive End with their first pick.  In the end, the decision on who the draft will come down to: 1. Which players are left on the board and 2. What the Dolphins do in free agency.  At least now the Dolphins know exactly where they’ll be picking.

The Dolphins pick will rotate each round, alternating with the Panthers/Bills.  Here are the Dolphins picks for the Draft in April:

1st Round – 8th pick

2nd Round- 10th pick

3rd Round- 9th pick

4th Round- 8th pick

5th Round- 10th pick

6th Round- 27th(9th pick in this round goes to New Orleans for Reggie Bush)

7th Round- 8th pick

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