Drinking Game: NFL Replacement Ref Style

If the replacement refs are going to continue to be ‘a thing’, we’re going to take advantage of it, the best way we know how;  By creating a drinking game around their incompetence.  So, the next time you sit down to watch your favorite NFL game, grab your favorite alcoholic beverage if you’re over 21 and follow these drinking rules:

1 Drink

– Referee calls illegal contact (this is virtually every defensive passing penalty)

– Referee calls offensive holding (be wary, these usually come in bunches)

– Referee spots the ball incorrectly following a penalty

– Player complains to official for missing a call/making a call against him (again, this happens quite often, so train hard)

– Referees hold unnecessary conference wearing ‘what the hell is going on’ masks

– Referees call the correct penalty, but point towards the wrong team when announcing it

– Referee does not make a call…..player’s yell at him…..he throws a flag


2 Drinks

– Referee awards a team an extra timeout (drinks should be multiplied by the factor of extra timeouts given)

– Referee awards a team an extra challenge (drinks should be multiplied by a factor of extra challenges given)

– Referee explains a penalty or challenge in an awkward, drunken-slurred speech

– Ed Hochuli’s name is mentioned (The last we heard, Ed was sitting on the beach in Saint Martin, sipping a pina colada, while doing push-ups with a BMW Mini Cooper)

–  Coach berates and intimidates official on camera


Keg Stand

– Hall of Fame Coach grabs official while said official is trying to run off the field


Funnel Bankers Club Vodka until you pass out

– Referees incorrectly call the last play of a game, awarding the wrong team the victory


We’d love to add to this list, please leave a comment below with your suggestions.  We’ll update this post hourly with new rules, so your drinking game rule could be on here soon!

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