Effects of Tyson Clabo’s signing on the Dolphins offensive line

The Miami Dolphins took a big step over the weekend, locking up one of the best right tackles in the NFL.  After working out a number of tackles last week, the Dolphins ultimately decided that Tyson Clabo was their best option.   And outside of a reasonable trade with the Chiefs for Branden Albert, I have to agree with them.  Clabo was the best option at right tackle for the Dolphins, although I wouldn’t have been upset if they would have signed Eric Winston.    The deal with Clabo is said to be for 1 year at about $3.5 million.

Photo Courtesy of Dolphins.com

Photo Courtesy of Dolphins.com

As soon as Clabo was released a month ago, we wrote this post, suggesting that the Dolphins should be interested in Clabo.  It may have taken a month, but the Dolphins ultimately got Clabo…at a reasonable price.  Clabo is has started for the Falcons since the 2006 season and has not missed a game since then.  Clabo will turn 32 years old this season and is  6’6″, 325 lbs.  He is a very solid addition to the Dolphins offensive line.  According to ProFootballFocus, Clabo grades out as the best right tackle in the NFL over the last 3 years:

“Tyson Clabo has always been near the top of our OT rankings. His +67.6 @PFF grade over the past 3 seasons is the best of any right tackle.”

So, it would be hard for even the most pessimistic Dolphins fan to hate this signing.  Clabo is a talented player who doesn’t miss games due to injury.  He upgrades the offensive line.  However, the signing of Clabo means that the Dolphins are most likely going to have Jonathan Martin starting at left tackle (Ryan Tannehill just cringed a little).  Martin was ranked by ProFootballFocus as the 76th best offensive tackle (out of 80), in the NFL in 2012.  That scares me.  It probably scares you.  And it almost certainly scares the Dolphins and Mr. Tannehill.  (CLICK HERE, continued on page 2)

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