Final thoughts on the ugly loss to the Bucs

By Miami Jules (@Miami_Jules)

“Today, I will be making one lucky person an “honorary Miamian” and by virtue of this title, this person will have the right to refer to Miamians as “Banana Republicans”, “Plastics”, “Refs”, or any other offensive term and it will have to be OK, because he or she has been made an “honorary Miamian” by me, a Miamian thus removing the risk of his words being considered discrimination… if you are Miamian… How does that make you feel? Not Miamian? Change the epithets to the ones that apply to your particular hometown and try it again.

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No wonder the Dolphins lost the game. It is also no wonder that Tampa Bay seemed to have a bit more energy than the Monday Night game and a winless record alone could generate. The “extra-curricular” activities which I had expected were originated from the Tampa players who also pushed, shoved, manhandled the Dolphins on both sides of the ball… taunting, and verbal trash was going on throughout the game… this game was not about Xs and Os was it?

Mike Sherman called a pretty descent game and stayed away from making inane and unnecessary adjustments. Coyle was also pretty efficient, the players tried to execute as best they could while dealing with a team that seemed possessed and charged as if though their surge of energy was being fueled by something deeper… a cry to arms a rallying cause.

I have gone around the Dolphins bloggersphere in the last few days, I have even sat and listened to a Dolphins’ fan based radio show, and other than a couple of comments attributing the teams debacle a “a lack of confidence on their coaching staff” everything else I have read or heard, leads to wonder and ask how many fans get it and how many are clueless.

Those very few who spoke or wrote about a lack of player confidence in their coaching staff, came a bit closer to my perceived reality, but is not lack of confidence in their coaching staff they may be feeling, it is a lack of confidence in themselves and their actions, team morale and recent words. This my friends I worry, may not be the end of the type of attitude the Dolphins are bound to encounter out there… only the beginning”