Fisher Update and Bowles Officially Interviews for Dolphins HC Job

The Miami Dolphins may not have gotten off to a fast start in the 2011 NFL season, but the Dolphins are off to a fast start in the 2012 offseason.  On Monday, the Dolphins conducted their first head coaching interview and made arrangements for 2 other candidates to come in.

Todd Bowles, the Dolphins interim head coach after Tony Sparano was fired, officially interviewed for Sparano’s old job.  While Bowles did a good job, leading the Dolphins to a 2-1 record, he is a long shot at best, to end up as the Dolphins choice. What Bowles interview does, however, is sets up the Dolphins to strike quickly once they find the coach they DO want.  Interviewing Bowles means that the Dolphins have now complied with the NFL’s Rooney Rule and can hire any candidate they see fit from here on out.  The Rooney Rule, for those of you that aren’t aware, is the NFL rule that mandates that every Head Coaching search must include at least 1 minority candidate interview.

Next up for the Dolphins is an interview with Dave Toub, the Chicago Bears Special Team’s Coach.  Toub is expected to interview with the Dolphins at some point on Tuesday.  You might be asking yourself why the Dolphins would interview a relatively unknown Special Team’s Coach.  We asked ourselves that too.  However, the Ravens signed a special teams coach a few years back (John Harbaugh) and he has led them to the #2 seed in the AFC Playoffs this season.

As we told you Monday, Jeff Fisher will be interviewing with the Dolphins this week. It’s expected that he will meet with the Dolphins on either Tuesday or Wednesday.  We’d expect it to be a dinner of schmoozing between Stephen Ross, Carl Peterson, Fisher, and possibly Jeff Ireland.  Remember, this isn’t just about the Dolphins finding out more about Jeff Fisher, this is about Fisher finding out as much as he can about the Dolphins.

Fisher is the hottest name out there and will likely have his pick among multiple NFL teams (St. Louis, Tampa, Indy)….Some of which could be more attractive to him than the Dolphins.  Perhaps, knowing this, the Dolphins were eager to interview Bowles to comply with the Rooney Rule.  If Stephen Ross wants to sign Fisher, he’d be wise not to let him get on a plane to St. Louis after he meets with the Dolphins.  We’d expect Ross to throw A LOT of money Fisher’s way, overpaying to get his guy.  So while the Colts and Rams jobs might be more attractive, if the Dolphins are willing to pay Fisher a couple million more a season, he might have to seriously consider their offer.

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