Former Dolphin Davone Bess arrested battery of a police officer


The Miami Dolphins made a draft day trade last April, sending Davone Bess to the Cleveland Browns.  Up until that point, Bess had been a model citizen with the football team and in the community.  Unfortunately, things have spiraled out of control for Bess.  This morning, Bess was arrested for battery of a law enforcement officer.  The incident happened at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport.

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Coincidentally, Bess had come under some criticism by fans and media across Twitter.  Yesterday morning Twitter was ablaze in reaction to a photo that Bess posted. It showed a 5 hour energy, a glass of some cocktail, marijuana, and I think a pack of cigarettes.  It’s tough to recall from memory because by noon, the image was taken down.  The key was that Bess posted……on Twitter…..where he has tens of thousands of followers…..some MJ.  This is why athletes get a bad name, because they do stupid things like this.

Bess deleted all of his controversial tweets, probably at the request of the Browns and/or the NFL.  He was probably headed to Cleveland to meet with the team regarding his controversial postings.  Who knows!  It’s just really sad to see a guy who was a model citizen in Miami, turn into a person that is posting this stuff online and then getting arrested for fighting with a law enforcement officer.

Bess is from Oakland and had a difficult childhood.  He was an inspirational story because he managed to play for the University of Hawaii and make it to the NFL as an undrafted free agent rookie.  He’s picked himself up from low points before, hopefully he can do it again.