Franchise QB and Big Name Coach Wanted, apply within (Miami Dolphins)

For years, fans of the Miami Dolphins have been asking screaming for the Dolphins to find a franchise quarterback.  More recently, Dolphins fans have been screaming for a new head coach and general manager.  It seems that Dolphins owner, Stephen Ross, finally agrees with the fan base.  In this story by Armando Salguero, Mando reports that the Dolphins Owner is looking to bring in a big name coach this offseason and is willing to do whatever is necessary to find the next franchise quarterback.

Photo by Webefex via Flickr

After all, the Dolphins have been looking for a franchise quarterback since the guy picture above (Dan Marino), retired.  The Dolphins have wasted 2nd round picks by drafting or trading for the following QBs: Daunte Culpepper, AJ Feeley, Pat White, Chad Henne, John Beck….am I missing anyone?!?!  By my count that is five 2nd round picks that could have been used to address other positions on the Dolphins at various times over the last few years.  What the Dolphins HAVEN’T done since drafting #13, is to use a 1st round draft pick on a quarterback.  This is why the Dolphins faithful wanted the Dolphins to finally do it in the 2011 draft…..they didn’t.  It’s also why a  majority of the Dolphins fan base want them to lose their remaining games, which will give them the chance to draft Andrew Luck.

Stephen Ross knows the history of the Dolphins issues when it comes to finding a franchise QB.  However, franchise QBs do not grow on trees.  He wants the Dolphins to find a QB that can play at an elite level, immediately….where does he plan on finding that QB?  If the Dolphins “Luck” out and draft Andrew, he will probably take a year to get acclimated to the NFL….and he’s the BEST QB available in the draft.  What about free agency or trading for a QB?  The problem with that line of thinking is that other teams will not let their own elite QBs get to free agency OR trade them.  I found one part, in particular, interesting in Mando’s article; The part where his source says that Ross is the one that told Ireland to stop trying to make a deal for Kyle Orton. Apparently Ross didn’t think Orton was the type of franchise QB the Dolphins needed and didn’t want to pay him like he was one.

As for the coach, we’ve told you that rumors are circulating about Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden.  While we find it very strange that the Dolphins would actively reach out to potential coaches, while they still have a coach, at least they’re doing something!  Mando’s article claims that Ross wants a proven, big name coach to take over the Dolphins.  He includes Cowher, Gruden, and Jeff Fisher among the candidates.   Mando does say that the Dolphins will likely be in search of a new GM too, which is music to my ears.  Jeff Ireland has not gotten the job done while in Miami..Period.

It’s refreshing to hear Ross’ view points on the state of the Dolphins franchise and realize what needs to be done.  Obviously, getting a big name coach is a much easier task than finding the franchise QB that he covets.  We’ll see how the rest of the Dolphins season plays out, but where they finish in the standings will probably go a long way towards filling both of the most important positions on the 2012 Dolphins.

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