Friday Flash: Ochocinco being Ochocinco, plus Dolphins to use new blackout rule

Even though Dolphins WR Chad Johnson has changed his name back, there still seems plenty of Ochocinco left in him.  On Tuesday, we were given a behind the scenes glimpse into a conversation between Joe Philbin and Johnson about the wide receiver’s language in his first press conference of the season.  Johnson used the ‘F’ word at least 6-7 times during the conference.  Coach Philbin asked Chad to tone down his profanity and Chad seemed to get the not so subtle hint.

Well, leave it to Chad to come up with a way to get some attention.  Today, his new Twitter avatar is a picture of him saying ‘No F$#ks Given’, while flipping the bird with 2 hands, both of which are censored.  Is this really the type of reaction a guy that’s trying desperately to make a football team should have?  Don’t get me wrong, I love Ochocinco, I think he’s hilarious.  But to do something like this, right after his coach chastises him on national TV?  Is that being mature and showing you’re not a joke?

On the field, reports indicate that Chad has been very impressive this training camp.  I’d much rather him worry about learning the playbook than photoshopping himself a new Twitter avatar.  But we should have expected this from him, right?  The Dolphins should have known his act before they signed him.  If they didn’t, that’s their fault.  Interestingly, Marvin Lewis, the Bengals Head Coach, said that Chad doesn’t usually curse.  He said ‘if he’s cursing, it’s an act’.  I hope he starts ‘acting’ like a football player.

In other news, confirmed earlier that the Dolphins will, in fact, be taking advantage of the new blackout rule.  The rule dictates that the Dolphins only need to sellout 85% of non-premium seats to avoid being blacked out.  This is yet another fan friendly move by the Dolphins ownership.  In previous seasons, the Dolphins had to sell 100% of non-premium seats to avoid the blackout.  This means that local fans who can’t make it to Sun Life Stadium, will still have an opportunity to watch the Dolphins.  Last season, the Dolphins and their corporate sponsors were forced to buy remaining tickets to games to avoid blackouts. Hopefully, this won’t be a problem this year.  Winning early, would go a long way towards solving this issue.

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