Hard Knocks with the Miami Dolphins starts tonight!

The Miami Dolphins have changed quite a bit since 2011.  Gone are the days of the tight-lipped, anti-media ways of Bill Parcells.  Now, the Dolphins are trying to become more open and transparent with the  media and fans.  When the Dolphins agreed to take part in HBO’s Hard Knocks this offseason, it showed their commitment to turning things around. Joe Philbin, for his part, is the antithesis of Tony Sparano in a lot of ways.  However, wins on Sundays will be the most important difference.

The first episode of Hard Knocks airs tonight at 10pm on HBO.  I just ordered HBO last night because I can’t miss this…Well, actually, DirecTV gave me HBO for free for 2 months because I called and complained that another service provider was trying to lure me away with a better deal (you might want to try it yourself!).  The Hard Knocks crew has been taping the Dolphins 24 hours a day for the last 2 weeks.  Tonight’s episode will feature events from the start of camp, through Saturday’s scrimmage.  Each week will chronicle the week before at Dolphins camp.

Remember, Hard Knocks is highly edited, so the producers can make things look however they want them to look.  It is a TV show, so the more drama and the more storylines, the better.  The Dolphins QB competition (including Tannehill’s 2 day absence) will probably be the top, on-going story line for the series.  Other position battles, such as the newly discovered one with Richard Marshall and Vontae Davis, will likely also be featured.  By the way, I found this clip of Ryan Tannehill’s training camp highlights on YouTube.com tonight.  Check it out:

Who are the Dolphins that could steal the show?  I would think Chad Johnson, Jared Odrick, Richie Incognito, Mike Pouncey, and Reggie Bush are certainly candidates.  Sean Smith and Vontae Davis could also be included on that list.  I’m sure there will also be other players that stand out.  This will be a great opportunity to see Dolphins training camp like we’ve never seen before.  Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Miami Dolphins starts tonight at 10pm EST on HBO!  Here’s one of the trailer’s HBO released:

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