I wish the Dolphins front office was as aggressive as it’s offense is supposed to be

I’m about to write this post and I know full well that Miami Dolphins fans are probably going to kill me for it.  The Dolphins brought in new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll.  Daboll is expected to deliver a Dolphins offense that is far more aggressive than it has been in the past.  We’re all on board for that.  It will be a nice change from the snail paced offense Dan Henning orchestrated in Miami.  Daboll’s version of the Dolphins offense is going to attack defenses and will no longer be predictable.

We just wish the Dolphins Front Office would take on the aggressiveness of the new offense.  This offseason was ‘now or never’ time for Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland.  Their jobs are literally on the line this year.  If the Dolphins don’t make the playoffs, or at least improve dramatically, they are both likely gone.  So we wanted to take a look at a few moves that would have shown some aggressiveness and would have most likely helped the Dolphins in 2011…and helped them both save their jobs:

Signing Ahmad Bradshaw

The Dolphins were reportedly VERY interested in Bradshaw, but were bidding against the Broncos and Giants for his services.  Any why wouldn’t they be?  He rushed for 1,235 yards and 8 TDs last year and he’s only 25 years old.  The Dolphins stepped out of the bidding war and decided to trade for Reggie Bush.  We say bidding war, but the price was never really even that high.  Bradshaw resigned with the Giants for a 4 year deal worth $18 mil, with $9 mil guaranteed.  REALLY?  THAT was out of the Dolphins price range for a solid starting running back?  Instead the Dolphins traded a late draft pick and Jon Amaya for Reggie Bush and gave him a 2 year deal worth $10 mil.  EVEN if it meant a little more money, I would feel more comfortable with Bradshaw in the backfield.  I do love the explosiveness and possibilities that Reggie brings to the Dolphins, but I worry about his durability.

Trade for Kyle Orton

Yes, we admit, we had our pom poms out for the Orton trade to go down.  And although Chad Henne has had a solid preseason, the Dolphins didn’t know what to expect from him in 2011…..they still don’t.  Our argument was that bringing Orton in would give the Dolphins a better chance to win this year.  I seriously hope Chad Henne proves us all wrong and has us wondering what idiots (us) were asking the Dolphins to trade a 3rd round pick to the Broncos.  The fallout from the trade that was never completed seems to have worked out for the Broncos.  Tebow clearly isn’t ready and Orton is their starter.  From what we gather, the Broncos and Dolphins agreed on a 3rd round pick as compensation, but Orton’s contract demands were too high for what the Dolphins were willing to pay.  Not aggressive enough in our book.

Offensive Line Help

The Dolphins addressed the offensive line this offseason.  They drafted Mike Pouncey to start at center, moved Vernon Carey inside to guard, and signed Marc Colombo.  In our opinion, the Dolphins didn’t do enough to upgrade this area, as is evidenced in the play in preseason thus far.  There were plenty of options out there for the Dolphins.  But they were content bringing in an ex-Cowboy, who ranked 2nd from last of all Tackles in 2010 according to ProFootballFocus.com.  Not aggressive enough for me.

Acquiring an impact TE

The Dolphins drafted Charles Clay in the April Draft, and envision him as a TE/H-Back type player.  The problem with that logic is that the Dolphins have absolutely no depth beyond Anthony Fasano at TE.  If Fasano were to get hurt, can Clay be a starting TE?  The Dolphins had a few chances to make an aggressive move to acquire a tight end.  Zach Miller was available….Jeremy Shockey was available…Todd Heap was available….and Greg Olsen was available….The Dolphins chose to bypass all of those tight ends and go with what they have.  We can only hope that Clay’s current injury isn’t serious and that his learning curve is on the accelerated track.

Overall, we aren’t unhappy with the 2011 Dolphins roster.  They still could look to make some moves once the final 53 cuts are made.  However, we are disappointed that the Dolphins front office wasn’t more aggressive.  We’re not saying they should mortgage the future to acquire a player…but at least make a bold move!  The two most aggressive moves the Dolphins made this offseason were acquiring Reggie Bush and signing Kevin Burnett to replace Channing Crowder.  We were just hoping for a little more aggressiveness out of the front office…..just like we’re anxious to see a new level of aggressiveness out of the offense.

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