Is “Suck for Luck” such a crazy idea?

For the last 3 weeks I’ve listened to all of the debate about the Miami Dolphins fans’ desire to Suck for Luck.  I’ve listened to ‘experts’ on the radio/TV argue whether or not the Dolphins (or any team) should Suck for Luck…… I’ve listened to Dolphins players lash out at fans that support the movement…..I’ve listened to Dolphins fans who are arguing with one another about how loyal of a fan they are.  The truth is, no matter which side of the argument you are on, the Dolphins futility is a direct result of the inadequacy of the QB position.

Think about it, the Dolphins have brought in big name types like Jimmy Johnson, Bill Parcels, and Nick Saban.  None of them have worked.  Since Dan Marino retired, the Dolphins have started 16 different quarterbacks because none of the big name, head honchos, have been able to identify a solid QB option.  The best quarterback (since Marino) to wear a Dolphins uniform was Chad Pennington in the magical season of 2008.  To be fair though, even that season was a bit misleading.  The Dolphins DID play a very weak schedule that year, even though they managed to win the AFC East.  So does it really matter if the Dolphins bring in Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden, or Jeff Fisher to run the team?  Only, if they are bringing a franchise QB with them.

This is the reason why so many Dolphins fans (over 60%) want the Dolphins to get a franchise QB (cough, Andrew Luck, cough).  Fans are tired of this franchise being mediocre…or in the case of ’07 and ’11, a laughing stock.  Seriously, fans are so disappointed that they are openly mocking the Dolphins organization.  While I find it very funny, it shows how bad things have gotten for the Miami Dolphins.

So is Suck for Luck such a crazy idea?  I don’t think so, not in the least.  No one expects Tony Sparano or any of the Dolphins players to intentionally tank games.  No one is asking them to….they’re doing a good enough job of losing on their own.  After all, Sparano and all of the players are playing for their livelihood…they’re playing to show other teams that they can add value to their organizations, if the next Dolphins regime doesn’t have a place for them moving forward.

Additionally, think about what happens in 2 of the other major sports in the USA.  In baseball, July 31st is the annual trade deadline.  Teams that are no longer in contention look to sell off their best assets with the hopes of getting prospects that can help them in the future.  That’s big picture thinking.  It’s sacrificing in the short term for a long term benefit.  The Mets, who were awful this season traded Carlos Beltran to the Giants for their top pitching prospect (Zach Wheeler).  Mets fans were giddy at the thought of trading for a kid that is still in the minor leagues.  Are they not real fans?

What about basketball?  Not only do you regularly have teams ‘resting’ their best players during the final games of the season, to enhance their chances in the draft lottery….but you have trades that make no “talent for talent” sense.  Teams that are bad look to unload bad contracts to clear cap space.  Again, sacrificing a better player now, for the potential to get a better player in the future.  Sacrificing more wins now, for a better tomorrow.

Does all of this sound familiar?  This is EXACTLY the same premise that the Suck for Luckers are basing their hopes and dreams on.  Losing in 2011 so that the Dolphins have a bright hope for the next 12-15 years at QB.  Look, I HATE seeing the Dolphins organization embarrass itself, it happens much more than I’d like.  I also find it extremely hard to root against the Dolphins.  After all, I’ve watched every game for the last 25 years, cheering for the Dolphins.  It’s certainly a different way of approaching things.  BUT, if I have to put up with one terrible season, knowing it will bring years of prosperity….where do I sign up?

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