It’s time for the Miami Dolphins to move on….


By Miami Jules (@Miami_Jules on Twitter)

The Drama, the controversy, concern for our team and in some cases, concern for a kid’s emotional health, that’s what many loyal Miami Dolphins fans have dealt with recently… sad state of affairs to say the least . Lost in all the mayhem, half a football season remains to be played.

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Support for the Dolphins’ players has come from around the league, at least on the surface, and the team appears to have circled the wagons and found comfort and additional support in one another… at last on the surface, there appears to be real bonding of team mates…What happens when the kicker raises his arm signaling the game is about to kick off?

The Tampa Bay Bucs are winless and what better opportunity to make a statement than on Monday Night Football in front of their own cheering fans. The Miami Dolphins will be challenged and Tampa’s winless record is not going to make the Dolphins look past this team, because they know they will be in the spotlight… right smack dab in the middle of it. The mental aspect in my opinion, will play a bigger factor in this game than it has in any other game this season.

The mental disposition of an athlete, other than a crippling injury, is the biggest part of their performance. Feeling like it’s them against the world, will undoubtedly be an enormous motivating factor for the Phins, who might rally around  themselves and their besieged head coach… But what if instead of feeling wronged, deeper inside, the players feel a certain bit of guilt or reservation about how they are being perceived by their peers? Feeling any type of remorse or trepidation, will have a disastrous effect on the team’s  performance.  (continued on page 2, CLICK HERE)

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