Jabar Gaffney to play on Sunday for Dolphins?

The Miami Dolphins signed Jabar Gaffney, in the hopes that he would step in and be the #3 wide receiver they’ve been trying to find since the first week of training camp. Last week, Gaffney warmed up before the Dolphins game against the Bengals, but the Dolphins coaches didn’t think he knew enough of the offense or had good enough chemistry with Ryan Tannehill quite yet. Gaffney signed just last week and has been studying the Dolphins offense as quickly as possible.

This week in practice, Gaffney is getting more familiar with the Dolphins playbook.  On Thursday, Gaffney told the Palm Beach Post:

“I’m still learning the offense, and they didn’t want me messing up. So they gave me the extra week to hone in and I expect to play Sunday.”

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