Joe Philbin and Sam Madison highlight day 1 of Dolphins Web Weekend

The Miami Dolphins welcomed in a group of Dolphins blog owners on Friday, kicking off their 9th annucal, 3-day ‘Web Weekend’.  This is the first year that PhinNation is in attendance and must say that the event is off to an awesome start.  On Friday night, the blog owners attended a welcome dinner at the Dolphins training facility in Davie.  I have to say, the facility looked awesome on Hard Knocks, but it’s even more impressive when you see it in person.

When you walk through the doors, you are immediately see glass cases with signed Dolphins players’ jerseys, footballs, and yes, Lombardi trophies.  I wonder if they would mind if we borrowed a piece of memorabilia or 2?  Just kidding people!  We walked into the players cafeteria and had dinner.  On the flat screen TV in the cafeteria there was the Dolphins players schedule for Saturday, everything from when to go to mass to when curfew was.  Oh, and the excuse for being late because of a malfunctioning clock in the facility?  Impossible! Every wall clock is digital and synchronized.   (cont’d on page 2, click below)

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