Judges Ruling on NFLPA Injunction could take ‘weeks’

Today, a federal judge in Minnesota heard arguments from both the Players Union and NFL Owners.  After hearing the arguments, the judge said that both sides should get together and begin talking again with the help of federal mediators.  If both sides can come together on an agreement for a new CBA, the judge will not have to rule whether or not the NFL Lockout is a violation of anti-trust laws.

The judge said that both sides are at risk is there is a ruling on the injunction and the winner would have substantial leverage in the negotiations that would follow. Therefore, it would be best if both sides could just come together and work things out.

So how does all of this effect the Miami Dolphins?  Well, it means that if they want to know for sure that they have a QB to compete with Chad Henne, the Dolphins will likely have to draft one.  The judge saying that it could be weeks before a ruling is made on the injunction.  If that’s the case, the Dolphins will not have the luxury of having free agency or player trade options available until after the NFL Draft. All teams are in the same boat.  Although, teams that are good and have the same systems in place as last year, clearly have the advantage.  The Dolphins?  They have a new offensive coordinator and could be looking to upgrade the QB position.  Not exactly the stability you want when your coaches can’t talk to your players!

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