Kiper to Phins: Don’t draft Mallett at #15, Give Henne another chance

The more I hear Mel Kiper Jr. talk about the draft, the more I think he is in the wrong business.  He flip flops on players enough that I think he should have gone into politics.  Yesterday on his weekly draft conference call he said that the Miami Dolphins should give Chad Henne another shot as their starting quarterback.  This is on the heels of Kiper saying last month that Chad Henne is exactly the same QB he was at Michigan.  Mel, if you think Chad Henne is too inconsistent, why should the Dolphins give him another shot?   To read the Sun Sentinel’s story on Kiper’s comments, please check out the story here.

I agree with Mel in one respect, I think the Dolphins taking Ryan Mallett at #15 would be a bit high for him.  But, if they can trade back, and pick up a 2nd round pick, I think it’s a no brainer.  Mallett has a phenomenal arm and can certainly work on his footwork.  He also comes from a pro style offense and knows how to read a defense.

Kiper thinks Mallett is too long term of a project.  Fine, say it will take 1-2 years for him to really mature and get up to speed.  Then you could, in theory give Henne another chance in 2011.  Not the ideal situation for Dolphins fans, but what is the worst thing that could happen?  If Henne succeeds and wins the 2011 starting job, the Dolphins have a very talented backup QB in Mallett.  Some of the best teams in recent years have had too many QBs on their hands.  The Packers drafted Aaron Rogers when they already had Brett Favre….The Pats lucked into Tom Brady when Drew Bledsoe was their QB….The Eagles had Donovan McNabb and drafted Kevin Kolb and brought in Michael Vick.  Having more than one good QB isn’t a problem, it’s a good thing.

However, what if Mallett lives up to what many think can be a very good NFL QB?  Then the Dolphins have upgraded the QB position and have Chad Henne as their backup (where many Dolfans think he belongs!).

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