LaRon Landry trash talking Reggie Bush and a Dolphins fan

This happened earlier this evening around 5pm and Landry has since deleted the tweet from his Twitter page. Robi did take a picture as proof for Landry’s rude, ignorant comment (sorry, the picture is a little blurry):

Obviously, LaRon Landry is out of line here. First, he feels the need to call a Dolphins fan a ‘weak ass’? And is he saying the Dolphins should play water polo? What the hell is he talking about?

Then, he’s talking about Reggie Bush remembering the hit, which is a stupid comment in itself. Of course he remembers the hit, he didn’t sustain a concussion AND his knee hasn’t been the same since. Remembering the hit doesn’t mean that Reggie Bush is scared of LaRon Landry and his steroid aided physique. Dolphins Fullback Jorvorskie Lane jumped in later on Twitter and joked that Reggie doesn’t remember the hit:

“i see and talk to Reggie everyday. he hasnt mentioned Landry’s hit yet. i dont think he remembers it!!!!! smh”

The Jets are still angry about Reggie Bush’s comments following the Dolphins/Jets matchup from earlier this year. In the game that Reggie got hurt, the Jets also lost one of their most important players, Darrelle Revis. Revis was lost for the season after sustaining a knee injury against the Dolphins. Leading up to the first matchup, Rex Ryan said he wanted to put hot sauce on Reggie Bush. Sorry, but I still don’t know what in the hell that means.

After the game, Calvin Pace insinuated that the Jets were trying to get Reggie Bush out of the game, as we told you about here. After hearing the whispers that the Jets were trying to knock him out of the game, Reggie Bush said that Revis’ injury, perhaps, had something to do with karma. The Jets didn’t like it then and they don’t like the ‘karma’ comment anymore now. Rex Ryan said today that he doesn’t want or need an apology from Bush for the comment, but thinks that Bush should apologize to Revis.

I’m sorry Rex, but did LaRon Landry apologize to Reggie Bush? Hell no, instead he wants to talk like a tough guy….about continuing to headhunt…..not caring about being penalized. It’s not hard to see why the Jets are a circus. It starts with their head coach, who sets the tone for how the team behaves. He doesn’t care what comes out of his mouth and neither do his players (except Tebow of course!).

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