Latest news on Tannehill’s shoulder injury, Soliai’s knee, and Chris Clemons

Miami Dolphins fans received a surprise this afternoon when Ryan Tannehill was listed on the Dolphins injury report.  Tannehill appeared on the injury report, as he was limited in practice Wednesday due to an injured shoulder.   Tannehill appeared to favor his shoulder attempting to recover a fumble on Sunday.  He stayed in the game and appeared no worse for wear.

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Tannehill has been sacked 9 times during the Dolphins first 2 games.  I’m no mathematician, but that number means he’s on pace to be sacked a staggering 72 times this season.   That’s simply not acceptable.  That sack total isn’t the entire store either, as it doesn’t include the number of times he’s been hit after throwing the ball.  The Dolphins offensive line and running backs must do a better job of protecting him or he won’t make it through the entire season.   Tannehill’s injury came as a surprise because there was no visible sign of an injury during the media session of practice, nor was anything even hinted at during the press conferences after practice.

Tannehill is expected to play, so the injury doesn’t appear to be too serious.  Maybe the Dolphins are just being cautious with him since game day is still 4 days away.  Maybe they don’t even trust the offensive line to protect him in practice (I’m only 1/2 joking).  If for some reason Tannehill can’t go, it will be up to Matt Moore to pick up where Tannehill and his QB rating of 94+ left off.   Let’s just hope that Tannehill is okay and that the offensive line can actually get in the Falcons’ defenders paths on Sunday. (continued on page 2, CLICK HERE)

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