Latest news on the Dolphins, as Free Agency begins (sort of)

The Miami Dolphins have been saving their pennies for this offseason and the time for talk is over.  At midnight last night, the 3 day window that allows the Dolphins and other NFL teams to speak with players’ representatives, finally got under way.  The Dolphins can speak only with the players’ representatives and not the players themselves.  The NFL issued a memo yesterday, explaining the rules of this window that ends on Tuesday at 4pm.  Teams can speak with players’ agents about the framework of a deal, but no deal can be committed to, otherwise, it is considered tampering.

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Try to understand the logic in that.  An agent can speak with multiple teams, create a bidding war that essentially goes on until Tuesday (at least).  AND, if an agent gets the deal he/she wants for their player, they are not allowed to agree to it with the team.  RIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!  This is the reason we won’t hear much about who the Dolphins are talking to.  Everything is being kept as quiet as possible for fear of tampering.  The NFL may keep trying to limit tampering, but everyone knows that tampering takes place quite a bit at the NFL Combine.

There’s no way for them to stop it or control it.  Why?  Well, let’s say the Dolphins are speaking with Jake Long’s agent about him resigning.  That agent also represents a number of other NFL players.  Well, he may see that negotiations with the Dolphins aren’t going so well and it doesn’t look like he’ll return.  Don’t you think that the next time he’s talking to another team, about another one of his client’s, that he may mention Jake’s name?  Maybe???  (cont’d on page 2, click here)

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