Miami Dolphins go gangnam style with celebrations

The Miami Dolphins had a lot to cheer about yesterday in their 30-9 demolishing of the Jets.  Two Dolphins players in particular had quite a bit of fun…..Gangnam Style!  If you’re asking yourself what Gangnam Style is, check out this video:

Gangnam Style is the the Korean rap senstation that has been watched over 115 million times on  Honestly, I have no idea what this guy’s singing about…..but it’s a popular song.  Saturday Night Live even did a sketch about Gangnam Style a month ago.

Since it’s so popular now, it was only a matter of time before NFL players decided to start doing the dance after making a big play in a game.  Yesterday, Dolphins rookie Olivier Vernon started it off after recovering a blocked punt in the end zone, giving the Dolphins a 10-0 lead.  Here’s the Dolphins defensive end breaking out his dance moves:

Dolphins defensive tackle, Paul Soliai got into the act a little bit later in the game.  After Nolan Carroll striped Mark Sanchez in the 2nd quarter, the ball fell right into Soliai’s paws.  There was a little hesitation, but as he was running off the field, he busted out some Gangnam moves off his own:

It’s nice to see Dolphins players celebrating again.  The Dolphins were on cruise control yesterday as they beat the tar out of the Jets.  Hopefully, there are more games in store like that one!

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