Miami Musings: Breaking down Tannehill & Dolphins fans are excited

The Miami Dolphins were off on Tuesday, getting one final day of rest before their practice resumes in preparation for Sunday’s BIG divisional matchup with the Jets.  Since we already broke down the Dolphins Division this week, we thought we’d skip that feature on it’s usual Wednesday slot.  Instead, since the Dolphins were off on Tuesday, we did some reading of other Dolphins blogs and wanted to share some of our favorite stories with you.  Today’s Miami Musings will cover a great breakdown of Ryan Tannehill’s numbers so far this year, Dolphins fans excitement , and a look at some trade rumors that are floating around.

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Ryan Tannehill Breakdown –

Patrick over at does a great job in this article, breaking down Ryan Tannehill’s statistics so far this season.  Yes, it’s only a very small sample, 6 games. But, the breakdown shows where Tannehill’s strengths are (1st and 4th quarters) and where his weaknesses are (2nd and 3rd quarters).  Very interesting numbers and a good job by the guys at

Dolphins Fans Re-energized –

The Miami Herald recently did a story discussing the excitement surrounding the Dolphins this season.  The story featured a few of our friends from, Kevin and Matty.  The story talks about how Dolphins fans are once again showing their support for the Dolphins in force. Mike Pouncey says that the atmosphere in the stadium is already different than last year and the crowd is much more involved in the game.  Believe it or not, fans can impact a game when they make the stadium loud and uncomfortable for the opposing offense to operate.  Keep it up Dolphins fans!!!  (cont’d on page 2, click below)

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