Miami Musings: Breaking down Tannehill & Dolphins fans are excited

On that note, a group of Dolphins fans are invading New Jersey this weekend at Met Life Stadium.  DolFans NYC has organized a trip to the stadium and bought up just about 200 tickets to the game.  If you are in the New York area or plan on attending the game, you can reach out to them to join the tailgating festivities.  Great to see Dolphins fans taking an active role in supporting the team.  Even better, they’ll be holding raffles for Dolphins prizes with the proceeds going to the Miami Dolphins Foundation.  Great work guys/girls!

Dolphins Tradewinds –

Brian over at takes a look at some of the trade rumors that are swirling around the Dolphins.  Matt Moore? Jake Long? Daniel Thomas? Dwayne Bowe?  Will the Dolphins make a move before next Tuesday’s trade deadline?  If I HAD to bet, I’d say probably not, but it is a possibility. IF, the Dolphins were to make a trade I think it would either be for Dwayne Bowe OR a trade involving Matt Moore.  If the Dolphins beat the Jets on Sunday, I think the Dolphins front office might be willing to pull the trigger on a deal for Bowe to make a push for the playoffs.  That’s right, I said playoffs Jim Mora!  We’ll see….

Finally, if you missed’s exclusive interview with Jackie Long last week, be sure to check it out.  If you want to follow Jackie on Twitter, her handle is @jackielong_17.  She’s very nice and loves to interact with Dolphins fans!

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