Miami Musings: Don’t suck (for Luck) against Jets, Irsay > Ross, & Who’s to Blame?

It’s seemed like an eternity since the Miami Dolphins last played in an NFL game…doesn’t it?  It probably feels that way because so much has happened with the Dolphins since they lost to the Chargers on October 2nd.  The Dolphins lost their starting QB (and signed Sage Rosenfels), the coach’s seat got a little hotter, and the Suck for Luck campaign has spread like wildfire.  So have we relaxed during the 2 week hiatus from Dolphins football?  Heck no!  We’ve been thinking of new ways to improve for you, our loyal readers.  You’ll see some changes and some new posting features in the weeks ahead.  But today, we want to begin our newest blog title “Miami Musings”.  This will be a feature we post 1-2 times per week, sharing other, unique articles written by other Dolphins bloggers.  Enjoy!

What is Brandon Marshall Thinking? - does a weekly post called “Caption This”, which allows Dolphins fans to use their creativity to come up with a caption for a Dolphins related picture.  This week, the picture is of Brandon Marshall, who seems to be deep in thought.  Head over there to leave your comment on what the Dolphins “Alpha” receiver is thinking!  Here’s mine:  “Damn, I wasted 15 minutes on that jug machine this week in practice and I’m STILL dropping passes…..I could’ve used that time more wisely and save 15% on my car insurance by switching to Geiko”

The Blame Game -

Brian over at wrote a few different pieces about who’s to blame for current, lowly state of the Miami Dolphins.  After looking at everything, I’ve concluded that an entire new regime is needed for the Dolphins.  It’s believed that even if the Dolphins ownership decides to fire Tony Sparano, Jeff Ireland could be sticking around as Dolphins GM.  Personally, I think this would be a mistake and I hope that Mr. Ross isn’t being blinded by Ireland, who seems to be a pretty good salesman.  Blame for this mess is spread around, from Bill Parcels to Jeff Ireland to Tony Sparano.

Irsay > Ross -

I really like what the guys at do.  Their content might not be for everyone (especially kids), but it should be!  These guys are hilarious and are out in front, leading the Suck for Luck campaign.  Above is the link to their story about Colts Owner, Jim Irsay, and how he’s ‘out owning’ Dolphins Owner, Stephen Ross.

Don’t Suck (for Luck) against NY Jets -

As I’ve said before, I’m all for getting Andrew Luck in the NFL Draft.  I’ve also said that I’ll root against other teams, if it helps improve the Dolphins draft status, in what appears to be a lost season.  I still can’t bring myself to root against the Dolphins….especially this week….Jets week.  Paul at wrote the above article, saying that even if you are a Suck for Luck supporter, put it on hold for this week!

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