Miami Musings: Luck in Play, Judging Marshall’s Season, and a Dolphins Mock Draft

This is a short week for the Miami Dolphins and many other teams in the NFL.  We’ll get to previewing the Dolphins vs. Patriots game tomorrow.  But, for today we have the latest installment of the Miami Musings.  Today we’ll give you links to stories from other Dolphins blogs involving everything the Dolphins chances at Andrew Luck to judging Brandon Marshall’s up and down season.  Here you go:

Dolphins chances of getting Andrew

We wrote a post about this yesterday, but FinsNation’s version is much more entertaining.  The Dolphins only real hope of getting Andrew Luck is for the Colts to get beat out for the #1 pick in the draft.  The Dolphins would then have to trade up to get Mr. Luck.  Is it possible?  Yes….Is it probable?  Probably not.

Judging Brandon Marshall’s Season -

Daniel, at takes a look at the up and down season that Brandon Marshall has been having and asks: Is Brandon having a good season?  I agree with Daniel that Brandon has had a good season, but not good enough.  He has dropped, by some counts, 7 touchdown passes.  Granted, he has made some spectacular catches this season, but has also dropped many easy (and important) passes.  On the season, Brandon Marshall has caught 70 balls for 1,021 yards and 5 TDs.  He’s obviously a very gifted receiver, but he always seems to leave us wanting just a little bit more.  Hopefully he can start pulling in those TD catches that have been ‘so close’ this season.

Dolphins Mock Draft -

The Draft is still over 4 months away, but it’s never to early to get excited for it.  Neal at takes a look at how the Dolphins draft could shake out, right now.  Interestingly, Neal has the Dolphins trading up with the Jaguars to select Matt Barkley, QB USC.  At this point, Barkley has yet to declare for the draft, but many experts believe that is only a matter of time.  Barkley could be the coveted QB that the Dolphins have been waiting (too long) for.

Shoutout to Matt

The guys over at dedicated the above post, giving a shoutout to Matt Moore for his play this season.  I agree, Moore has done more with the Dolphins offense than any of us could have expected.  When Moore was signed, I’ll admit, I was a harsh skeptic. Has he put the team on his back and carried them to victories?  Not really.  But he has shown that he has the ability to be a good QB in the NFL.  As the article mentions, Moore is signed through 2012 and could be the ‘keep the seat warm’ starter next season.  The thought there is that the Dolphins would draft a young QB and give him a year to develop while Moore starts.

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