Musings: Dolphins rookie camp opens today, Tebow hoax, plus areas of improvement

Now that the Draft is over, the Miami Dolphins coaches can begin to focus on preparing their players for the 2013 season.  The Dolphins roster is obviously not set in stone, but the next few weeks will provide the building blocks for the Dolphins training camp, which opens in July.  We all know that the offensive line is far from set, as the Dolphins are still weighing their options to find another starting offensive tackle.  But today, the Dolphins coaches will get their first look at their shiny new toys….draft picks.

Miami Musings

Since there isn’t a lot of news to report, we wanted to share a few stories with you that caught our attention.  Our Miami Musings this week will take a look at what we can expect from the Dolphins rookies, a Twitter hoax perpetrated by one of our readers, and a post that takes a closer look at what areas the Dolphins have improved in since last season.

Rookie Mini-Camp opens – Armando Salguero, Miami Herald

Armando does a pretty good job of laying out what we can expect from the Dolphins 2013 rookie class.  He suggests (and I think he’s right) that Dion Jordan and Jamar Taylor must contribute this season.  He says a reasonable expectation for Jordan should be 7-9 sacks and 15 hurries.  I don’t think that is unreasonable at all. Yes, Jordan will miss a good portion of the offseason work due to his class schedule and his shoulder injury, BUT if used correctly, he should be able to put up those kinds of numbers.

Where I disagree with Mando is regarding Dallas Thomas.  This was a 3rd round pick that Mando suggests, has time and could be a backup this season.  With the state of the Dolphins line, I think that would be a disappointment.  The Dolphins can move Richie Incognito to right guard and play Thomas at left guard, if he’s as good as we all hope.  There should not be an extended waiting period for him to contribute.  (CLICK HERE, continued on page 2)

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