National media takes shots at Dolphins as Ross predicts Moore will ‘probably’ be starting QB

The Miami Dolphins have become the whipping boy for the national media.  I’m not exactly sure when it started, but it seems like the national media has been picking on the Dolphins for the last couple of seasons.  Granted, they’ve had some reasons to; Pat White, Dez Bryant questioning by Ireland, Harbaugh mess, Tebow Day, etc.  Let me also say that I am by no means the biggest Jeff Ireland or Stephen Ross fan.  But, there comes a point when the national media just have nothing better to write about and decide to dump on the Dolphins….it’s kind of like beating a dead horse….only, the horse is trying to get back up, doing things the right way, but kicking it anyway.

Yesterday, Stephen Ross was asked his OPINION on who might be the Dolphins starter in week 1 of the 2012 season.  This was his reply, courtesy of“I don’t think they’re going to rush (Ryan Tannehill) into anything. He’s going to have to win the starting job,” Ross said. “I think Matt Moore will probably be the starter, and I wish him the best.”  Following this statement, the national media went in 2 directions. posted an article with the headline: “Stephen Ross spells doom for Garrard”…..ESPN’s AFC East Blog had a headline that said: “It’s time for Dolphins owner to tone it down”.

I encourage you to read both.  You might want to have a drink before you do so because reading them while thinking clearly and logical will make your head spin.  The national NFL writers are in their ‘lull’ period right now.  This means that any morsel of information will be blown up, bigger than it would normally be…why?  Because these writers have to write about something to get people to click on their sites.  Why would I ask you to read the articles then?  Read them and leave a comment saying how utterly ridiculous the articles are.  Negative comments are seen by the editors of these pages….trust me.

To me, this is a pretty innocent statement by an owner who HASN’T SEEN 2 OF THE 3 QUARTERBACKS ON THE ROSTER PRACTICE WITH THE TEAM YET!!!!!!!!   It is completely baseless to draw anything from Stephen Ross’ comment.  In fact, it’s mind-numbing to think that Stephen Ross would have any insight as to who will win the Dolphins QB competition…..on May 21st.  Stephen Ross and Jeff Ireland have made and will make mistakes.  In those cases, we have no issue calling them on it (as you know!).  But in this case, I think it was simply Stephen Ross answering a question with his opinion.  Ross’ primary focus on answering the question was not to discount Garrard.  It was probably not even to say that Matt Moore would win the QB competition.  Truthfully, he was probably just trying NOT to say something dumb about Ryan Tannehill starting too soon.  [end rant]

The Dolphins open up a 3 day OTA session today at 10am.  Thankfully the media is allowed to watch practices today, so be sure to check back later for a full recap of the action.  The next 2 days will be closed to the media, so today is really all we have!

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