Tuesday Dolphins update on Peyton Manning

Last night, news broke around 11pm that Peyton Manning had met with the Miami Dolphins in Indianapolis.  This morning, it seems that every reporter is downplaying the Dolphins meeting with Manning.  Adam Schefter of ESPN believes the Dolphins are ‘not a viable option’ at this point for Manning.  Schefter contends that the Broncos, Cardinals, and Titans have more to offer than the Dolphins.  Jeff Darlington of NFL Networks believes that the Dolphins visit with Manning was simply out of courtesy.  Meanwhile, Armando Salguero contends that the National Media is conducting an ‘assault on the Dolphins’.

Here’s the question though, why?  Are the Dolphins truly a long shot at this point?  If so, will they learn this quickly enough to still conduct business in free agency?  Or will they sit back and wait, believing they are truly in the Manning race?  After all, Matt Flynn and 600 other free agents become available at 4pm this afternoon.  John Clayton said this morning that he expects Peyton’s decision by tomorrow or Thursday.  The Dolphins would be wise to conduct business as usual while they wait for Manning’s decision.

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Philbin, Dolphins met with Manning for 5-6 hours in Indy

News surrounding the Miami Dolphins pursuit of Peyton Manning has been fast and furious.  First the Dolphins were favorites…then they were out of it….Now, it appears that the Dolphins are back in the Manning race.  According to Chris Mortensen, the Dolphins met with Peyton Manning in Indianapolis for 5-6 hours.  Mortensen said his source described the meeting as ‘good’.

This was a super-secretive meeting.  The Dolphins wouldn’t divulge the meeting place or even the time of the meeting.  This meeting occurred under much different circumstances than Manning’s meetings with the Cardinals and Broncos.  Perhaps this was an effort by the Dolphins to avoid a media frenzy.

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Dolphins meeting with Manning seems legit

When we first heard that Peyton Manning would meet with Miami Dolphins coach, Joe Philbin, we thought it might be a bit of a facade….a pity meeting.  However, according to Armando Salguero, the Dolphins meeting with Manning seems to be legit and more formal than we originally thought.

What once sounded like a purely X’s and O’s discussion between Philbin and possibly Mike Sherman, now sounds like it will include Jeff Ireland and possibly Dolphins owner, Stephen Ross.   Mando says that the meeting will not take place in South Florida.  I find this a little odd since Manning is currently residing in South Florida.  However, we have no idea where the meeting is and neither does anyone else!

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Dolphins fans make their pitch to Peyton Manning

Dolphins fans – As we wait (impatiently) for Peyton Manning to finish his meetings and eventually pick which NFL team he wants to play for, we thought we’d share something funny with you.  Let’s call it a song parody….But it’s more than that….It’s a love song.  It comes to you from the guys at WAARF Records (We Are All Rey Feinga).

Dolphins fans @Rizzmiggizz , @KevinCMayer, and @Vinbob of the FinsNation.com crew wrote, produced, sang, and edited the video.  It’s really heartwarming and we can only hope that Peyton sees it.  This is just another example of how great of a sense of humor Dolphins fans have and how much the Dolphins are starved for a quarterback.

The video has been well received and played on 790 the Ticket a number of times over the weekend and this morning.  WAARF records has previously released “We couldn’t stop Tim Tebow”, “Ginger Creep”, and “Phins Up!”.  Great work again gentlemen.  Can’t wait until the next hit!

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Manning to meet with Dolphins coach, Joe Philbin in coming days

It appears Peyton Manning will not be taking a tour of the Miami Dolphins facilities.  However, it seems that Manning will meet with the Dolphins after all.  According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, Manning will meet with Dolphins coach, Joe Philbin, and Titans coach, Mike Munchak within the next 3 days.  This, reportedly, will not take place at the team facilities, but at an undisclosed location.  Mort also said that Manning’s meeting with Joe Philbin could occur on Monday night or Tuesday morning…and could include offensive coordinator, Mike Sherman and potentially Dolphins GM, Jeff Ireland.  This comes after Adam Schefter said this morning that Manning would not be visiting with any more teams.  The situation is fluid and continues to change by the moment.

So after all of the doom and gloom and speculation that the Dolphins were out of the running for Peyton, they will get their shot.  Although many think the Broncos are the front-runner right now, remember how recently the Dolphins were the front-runners?   Things change quickly.  So what are the Dolphins chances now?  Joe Philbin, the first time head coach, will be the representative from the Dolphins to meet with Manning.  Not Jeff Ireland.  Not Stephen Ross.  But, Joe Philbin.  Philbin is a very likable guy and is very well respected throughout the NFL.  It would be a GREAT start to his tenure in Miami, if Joe Philbin could bring in Peyton Manning.  However, if he swings and misses, fans could turn sour on him before he even coaches a game.

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Latest on Peyton Manning, Dolphins are still in the mix?

The Miami Dolphins were viewed as the favorites to sign Peyton Manning before he was officially released by the Colts.  Even up until Friday, the Dolphins were still considered the favorites.  Who thought they were the favorites?  Chris Mortensen, Adam Schefter, and Jason LaCanfora, and others believed it was the Dolphins game to lose.  Mortensen said on Thursday night that he expected Manning to choose a new team within 3-4 days.  Conservatively, that would put Manning’s decision around Monday/Tuesday.

Then, this weekend came around and Peyton met with the Denver Broncos on Friday/Saturday and the Arizona Cardinals on Saturday/Sunday.  Now, Mortensen and Schefter both contend that it’s essentially down to the Broncos and Cardinals, with the Dolphins fading into the distance.  It’s been widely reported that Manning did not discuss contracts with either team. Further, the ESPN insiders suggest that Manning’s decision could last another week.  Following all of that?  It just doesn’t add up.  If Manning has narrowed his choices to the Broncos and Cardinals, why would he extend that time he needed to make his decision?

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Dolphins, Broncos, Cardinals are the 3 finalists for Manning

Finally Dolphins fans, we have a timeline for when Peyton Manning will make his decision.  According to the Denver Post, Peyton Manning will make a new decision on his next team by Tuesday.  Manning will meet with the Broncos in Denver on Friday.  It’s thought that he will then travel to Arizona to meet with the Cardinals on Saturday or Sunday.  After those 2 meetings, Manning will return to Miami and meet with the Dolphins.  According to Jeff Darlington of the NFL Network, the Dolphins are confident they will meet with Manning later on this weekend, but do not have a date or time set up.  Manning will then take Monday/Tuesday to mull over his decision and will reportedly be ready to sign a contract by Tuesday/Wednesday.  Thankfully,  this roller-coaster will not be going on much longer.  AND, fans in every other NFL city can move on with their regularly scheduled offseason.

Earlier this afternoon on Twitter, John Clayton said that the Broncos are a serious contender in this sweepstakes, but that the Dolphins are still the favorites.  Meanwhile, Adam Schefter suggested that while Manning is visiting Denver first, it does not make them the ‘leader in the clubhouse’.  All of this news comes only hours after cold water was thrown onto the Dolphins chances, when it was suggested that Manning is a small town guy and that the news helicopter chase on Wednesday soured his opinion of Miami.  I still contend that it’s nonsense.

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Report: Dolphins chances of getting Manning are ‘dwindling’

The Miami Dolphins have not met with Peyton Manning yet.  At least, that’s what they are saying publicly.  Joe Philbin said he hasn’t spoke with Manning, but is eager to see how things develop within the next week or so.  This news comes at the same time that we hear that the Denver Broncos, Arizona Cardinals, and Kansas City Chiefs are now in on the Manning Chase.  The truth is, no one really knows other than Peyton or is agent.  Maybe the Dolphins have met with Manning?

This morning, Adam Schefter threw some cold water onto Dolphins fans that hope to get Manning.  He said here, that the Dolphins chances of signing Manning appear to be ‘dwindling’.  He points out that a certain helicopter chase on Wednesday might have been off-putting to Peyton.  Chris Mortsensen said last night that he expects Manning to make his decision within the next 3-4 days.

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Manning-mania sweeps through Miami, Dolphins fans

I leave the country for one day and all hell breaks loose!  Miami Dolphins fans were out in herds yesterday campaigning for Peyton Manning.  Twitter was on fire with Manning rumors (it still is).  When word broke that Peyton Manning was headed to Miami after his exit press conference in Indy, the masses went crazy.  The media even got into the act, as a television news helicopter followed Manning from the airport until he finally pulled over and gave an interview.  Then, we have Udonis Haslem, Dwayne Wade, and LeBron James openly making their sales pitches for Manning to join them in Miami.  Everyone, and I mean everyone, has an opinion on where Manning will end up.

Some say he will take his time and carefully select his next team.  Meanwhile, ESPN is reporting that Peyton will decide on his next team by next week.  Some experts say that Manning will not play in the NFC because he doesn’t want to meet up with Eli in the playoffs. Others suggest he is open to any team.  Some say it’s not about the money he’ll receive.  Others say that he’ll go to the highest bidder…..

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LeBron and D-Wade make pitch for Manning to sign with Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins have let it be known that they are very interested in Peyton Manning.  There are even reports that the Dolphins have reached out to the Manning camp within the last 3 weeks and are confident they can sign him.   There is no doubt that a healthy Peyton Manning would make the Dolphins a better team in 2012 than they would be with Matt Moore.  The only problem is that Peyton is now a free agent…..He’s free to sign with any team that he chooses.  And it’s only been a matter of hours since he officially became a free agent, and teams from across the country are lining up to talk with him.  Among the teams said to be interested in Manning include the Dolphins, Redskins, Seahawks, Cardinals, Broncos, and Jets…among others.  So the Dolphins will certainly have competition for Manning’s services.

The Dolphins have a few things going for them.  First, they have a solid defense that would compliment a Manning-led offense.  Second, the Dolphins already have playmakers on offense (and an All-Pro Left Tackle).  Third, Reggie Wayne, Manning’s right hand man in Indy, said on Wednesday, that joining forces with Manning in Miami would be ‘a storybook ending’ to his career.   Fourth, Peyton is said to love South Florida and already owns a home in Miami.

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