Rumors Swirl and Suggest Mike McCoy Will Be Next Dolphins Coach

The Miami Dolphins coaching search seems to be heading towards it’s conclusion today.  Stephen Ross is on his way from New York to South Florida…the BIG question, however, is which Dolphins coaching candidate will also be in South Florida soon.  According to Twitter, it’s all but certain that Mike McCoy will become the Dolphins next head coach.  From Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network, to Denver Beat Writers, McCoy seems to be the odds on favorite to become the 10th head coach in Dolphins history.

@JasonLaCanforaHear Mike McCoy had strong 8-hour interview with Miami’s Steve Ross, Carl Peterson and Jeff Ireland- 2nd meeting this week. McCoy could end up named Dolphins coach by the end of the day. Todd Bowles and Joe Philbin the other finalists #insideslant

Seriously, the speculation on Twitter all morning has been nuts.  People are tracking Ross’ plane…..tracking where Joe Philbin and Mike McCoy are at the moment.  For the record, Philbin was said to be interviewing for the Bucs head coaching position and McCoy is said to have traveled back to Denver.  There was also a report that Stephen Ross preferred Joe Philbin, while Jeff Ireland preferred McCoy.  The craziest thing I read was that if the two couldn’t decide on one of those candidates, the Dolphins would name Todd Bowles their new head coach.  WHAT THE HELL?!?!

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McCoy Turns Down Raiders Interview, Views Himself as Dolphins Front Runner

Today, the Miami Dolphins will conclude their second round of interviews to fill their head coaching vacancy.  Yesterday, the Dolphins conducted 2nd round interviews with Joe Philbin (Packers OC) and Todd Bowles (Dolphins DB Coach/Interim Coach).  Today, the Dolphins are expected to interview Mike McCoy (Broncos OC).  Perhaps the Dolphins, in their opinion, are saving the best for last.  That could also be Mike McCoy’s feeling as well.  McCoy was scheduled to interview for the Raiders head coaching position on Wednesday, but removed his name from consideration.  Apparently, McCoy believes that he is the front runner for the Dolphins job.

I honestly can’t tell you a lot about these candidates because 2 of them have never been a head coach, and the other has 3 games of head coaching experience.  However, McCoy scares me.  Yes, he’s 39 and could be the young Don Shula that Dolphins Owner, Stephen Ross, is looking for.  But, were his Denver offenses THAT impressive?  Yes, he helped redesign the Broncos offense to get the most out of Tim Tebow…BUT, the Denver offense ranked 23rd in the NFL in 2011, one spot lower than….the Miami Dolphins.  In McCoy’s 2 previous season’s as Broncos offensive coordinator,  the Broncos ranked 13th and 15th.  Does that make him the front runner?

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Dolphins Should Have New Coach By This Weekend

Thankfully, we could be just a few days away from the end of the Miami Dolphins Head Coaching Search.  According to numerous reports, the Dolphins have narrowed their candidate pool down to 3 finalists, Joe Philbin, Mike McCoy, and Todd Bowles.  The Dolphins will conduct second interviews with Philbin and Bowles today in New York.  The Dolphins will have their second interview with Mike McCoy tomorrow in NYC.  After conducting those interviews, Stephen Ross and Jeff Ireland will come to a decision on who will be the Dolphins next head coach.

Based on your votes, Joe Philbin seems to be the leading candidate at this point among Dolphins fans.  As of this writing, he has received 77% of the vote in our poll.  If you haven’t voted yet, click here to vote.  Philbin is an attractive candidate because he’s helped build the Packers offense.  Although he doesn’t call the plays, he has overseen the offense that put up gaudy numbers this season.

Some Dolphins fans have mentioned that Philbin could bring along Matt Flynn, Ryan Grant, Donald Driver, and Jermichael Finley.  Sorry for being the bearer of bad news, but Flynn is probably going to the highest bidder, Grant and Driver are getting up there in age, and Finley is most likely going to get the franchise tag from the Packers.  If Philbin is the best man for the job, great.  But don’t bring him in just for who he MIGHT bring with him.

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Philbin, McCoy, and Bowles Apparently Finalists for Dolphins Head Coaching Job

It appears the Miami Dolphins are just about finished with their search for a new head coach.  AND, according to Armando Salguero, the Dolphins 3 finalists for their head coaching job are Joe Philbin (Packers OC), Mike McCoy (Broncos OC), and Todd Bowles (Dolphins interim coach).  Interestingly, Mike Zimmer’s name is nowhere on that list.  According to good old Mando, Zimmer is no longer in the Dolphins plans.

All of the Dolphins finalists have their strengths, but also are inexperienced as head coaches.  Philbin helped direct the explosive Packers offense (lead by Aaron Rodgers)…McCoy helped redesign the Broncos offense around Tim Tebow….and Bowles did an admirable job taking over the Dolphins after Tony Sparano was fired.

Again, it will be interesting to see which way the Dolphins go with their selection.  The next round of interviews is expected to start tomorrow (Bowles).  McCoy is expected to have his second interview with the Dolphins on Thursday.  If Philbin or McCoy are hired, the Dolphins would be wise to bring in an established defensive coordinator.  If Bowles is selected, perhaps the Dolphins could look to bring in Todd Haley or Hue Jackson to run the offense?  It’s a guessing game right now.

We’ll see where we go from here.  We’re interested to know what you think of this.  Vote in the poll below and let us know which of the finalists you like best:

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Nolan Leaves Dolphins, Zimmer a Strong Possibility

Today started out as an eerily quiet day around the Miami Dolphins.  There was really no news whatsoever, especially about the Dolphins coaching search.  What we know as is that the Dolphins interviewed Mike McCoy, the Broncos Offensive Coordinator, yesterday.  We also know that McCoy is interviewing with the Raiders today.

Then, this afternoon we saw a few puzzle pieces begin to fall into place.  First, Dave Toub, a Dolphins coaching candidate, agreed to a 2 year contract extension to stay on as Special Teams Coach of the Bears.  Then, Jay Glazer of tweeted that, now FORMER Dolphins Defensive Coordinator, Mike Nolan, has accepted the same role with the Atlanta Falcons.  Glazer tweets that Nolan is a ‘solid..solid hire’ for the Falcons.  No kidding.  A lot of Dolphins fans will be upset about Nolan leaving, since his defense showed improvement and was certainly the strength of the Dolphins in 2010-2011.  Nolan’s contract had an option which allowed Nolan to opt-out.  So he was not fired, he simply exercised the option in his contract that allowed him to seek employment elsewhere.

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Dolphins to Interview Broncos OC Mike McCoy Today

After watching another playoff weekend without the Miami Dolphins in it, it’s Monday….and we’re depressed!  Seriously, how far off do the playoffs feel right now to Miami Dolphins fans?  I know, I know, we were there in 2008, but we were all so giddy from the miracle turnaround that we thought the Dolphins Wild Card loss to the Ravens was just a stepping stone.  Well, here we are, 3 years later and the Dolphins are still looking for the right mix…and the right coach.

After losing out on Jeff Fisher, it seems a certainty that the Dolphins are going to go the coordinator route.  The Dolphins have interviewed Dave Toub (Bears ST Coach), Todd Bowles (Dolphins interim coach), Joe Philbin (Packers OC), and Mike Zimmer (Bengals DC).  Now, it appears, the Dolphins are going to take their time.  AND, according to Chris Mortensen, the Dolphins will interview Mike McCoy, Broncos OC, today:

@mortreport: Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy is interviewing today for Dolphins head coaching job, per sources

McCoy is an interesting candidate.  First, he’s very young as he will only turn 40 years old in April.  Second, he’s done a good job adapting his offense to best fit his players (eh hem, Tebow).  McCoy was with the Panthers from 2000-2008 rising from Offensive Assistant to Passing Game/QB Coach.  He then left for Denver and helped Kyle Orton (yes, Kyle Orton) put up 41 TDs and 21 INTs total in 2009-2010.  He also, albeit in a weak division, built an offense around Tim Tebow that helped take the Broncos to the divisional round of the playoffs.

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What’s Next for Dolphins in Coaching Search?

The Miami Dolphins learned Friday that they struck out on their attempts to land the big name coach that they had hoped for.  So the question many Dolphins fans are asking is:  What’s next?  Well, some reports indicate that the Dolphins will bring Mike Zimmer (Bengals DC) and/or Dave Toub (Bears ST Coach) back for a second interview.  Meanwhile, Jason La Canfora said on the NFL Network that the Dolphins would now turn their attention to Rob Chudzinski (Panthers OC) and Mike McCoy (Broncos OC).  If you’re a reader of this blog, you know that Chudzinski is the guy that we’ve been rooting for since this search began.

In fact, after missing out on Fisher, we believe Chudzinski should be the Dolphins top choice.  Chudzinski is one of the hot commodity options if the Dolphins choose to go the coordinator route.  Chudzinski is just the type of offensive mind that the Dolphins need.  He’s innovative AND he’s shown he can help a young QB.  This year, Chudzinski helped Cam Newton put up unparalleled numbers by a rookie QB.  If the Dolphins manage to find a young QB (or Peyton Manning), we can only hope that he could have similar success.  The key would be to see what type of staff he could put together.  He’s almost certainly going to have to find an experienced defensive coordinator to compliment his offense.  Could that be Mike Nolan?  Would that work?  We’ll see.  First, the Dolphins will need to ask permission to speak with ‘Chud’ and bring him in for an interview.  Chudzinski was reportedly meeting with the Tampa Bay Bucs about their head coaching job on Friday.

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Jeff Fisher Chooses Rams over Dolphins

After much deliberating and negotiations with both the Miami Dolphins and St. Louis Rams, Jeff Fisher has decided that he will coach in St. Louis next season:

@SI_PeterKing: Jeff Fisher has chosen the Rams over the Dolphins

This is not good news for the Dolphins, especially considering that the ball was in their court as late as today.  Reports indicate that all Dolphins Owner, Stephen Ross had to do was to give Jeff Fisher final say over some personnel matters, but chose not to.  The Dolphins owner ultimately thought a bigger contract would get Fisher to come to Miami.  Interestingly, after Fisher made his decision, Dolphins sources began to leak that the Dolphins felt they were ‘being used.  However, if Fisher intended on going to the Dolphins, but Ross balked at giving him more power, how can they say they were used?

For the Rams, they are getting a good coach that will help rebuild the team from their 2-14 season of 2011.  Fisher is a veteran and has taken a team to the Super Bowl.  Fisher has a franchise QB in place (Sam Bradford), the #2 pick in the draft, and about $45 mil of cap room in St. Louis.

[Dolphins Update 5:00pm] Rumors are that Dave Toub, ST coach from the Bears will be meeting with the Dolphins this weekend for a 2nd interview.  This almost certainly makes him the favorite of the Dolphins Brass.  Stephen Ross, while speaking with the Miami Media moments ago said that there are other candidates the Dolphins are interested in, but they are playing in games this weekend.  As has been the story for the last few weeks…stay tuned

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Silver: Fisher to Dolphins Could be Done Quickly, it’s Their ‘game’ to Lose

Dolphins fans, the future of the Miami Dolphins currently rests in the hands of Stephen Ross and Jeff Ireland.  According to Mike Silver of Yahoo Sports, Fisher could be closing in on becoming the Dolphins next coach:

@MikeSilver: I believe jeff fisher and the #dolphins could–COULD–get done very quickly. But it could also blow up and land him in St. Louis. Stay tuned

@MikeSilver: I think it’s the dolphins’ ‘game’ to lose with fisher. But they may very well do so.

Those 2 tweets came from Silver around noon on Friday….So, unfortunately no deal is done yet….so all of Dolphins Nation continues to wait.  We can only speculate that the hold up with the Dolphins are the full details of how the power structure is going to be set up.  Will Fisher defer to Ireland on personnel matters?  Or will Fisher have final say on all draft day decisions and the 53 man roster?  Again, all speculation, but we should know this afternoon.

Also, for what it’s worth, Peter King of said that he’s been told Fisher’s decision would be made today.  King also said that his money would be on the Dolphins.  Stay Tuned Miami!

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Fisher to Decide Within 24 Hours on Dolphins or Rams (We Think)

I don’t blame any Dolphins fans who will choose not to believe that title.  But, according to people in the know, the Miami Dolphins (and the rest of us) will know if Jeff Fisher is going to be their next coach.  I’m skeptical myself…I feel like we were ‘supposed’ to have a decision earlier this week…and each day that passes, we hear that the decision is coming the next day.  So, please, if Fisher doesn’t decide by Friday, please don’t hold it against us…we’re just passing along the information we’re reading/hearing.

Adam Schefter must have spoken with Fisher or someone close to him today because he gave us more news than we’ve had in the last few days.  Seriously, Dolphins headquarters is on lockdown mode and the Dolphins beat reporters have very little to report.  The only Fisher news we’re getting is from the National Media guys, who have sources close to Fisher.  Schefter’s story on ESPN is brief, but check here to read it yourself.

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