Dolphins Owner’s support of Sparano rings hallow

Amidst a lot of rumor and speculation regarding the Miami Dolphins head coach, Tony Sparano, Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross gave his coach some words of support yesterday. Appearing on the Dolphins official website, , Ross said that Sparano is the “right coach” for the Miami Dolphins. Ross went onto say that continuity is a trait shared by consistent NFL winners.

I’m sorry if I don’t rush out and buy a Tony Sparano bobblehead, because Ross’s comments ring hallow with me. I know, I know, what is he supposed to say? But, at the same time, I can’t help but remember a certain Dolphins owner flying to California to meet with Jim Harbaugh. After getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar, Ross returned to Miami and gave Sparano an endorsement then (as well as a contract extension). The entire free world knows that Sparano is gone after this year if he doesn’t miraculously turn the Dolphins season around. All Ross did was show “support” for his coach, so that his successor sees that the owner has his coach’s back.

I did find it a little nauseating how many times Ross referred to the “talent” on the Dolphins roster. I mean, is he watching the games? He said the players are giving effort, the talent is there, and Sparano is the right coach….All well and good if he believes that, but if all of that is true, WHY THE HELL IS THIS TEAM 0-4?!?! If the Dolphins have the talent and they are playing hard, is coaching not the problem? Or if the Dolphins coach is right and the players are playing hard, is the talent not the problem?

Stephen Ross is a lifelong Miami Dolphins fan, but as the Dolphins Owner he has done little to help the team get better. Yes he writes the checks for the groceries, but he needs to find (probably after the season) a better grocery shopper and cook.

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Latest on Tony Sparano and the Miami Dolphins

The last 24 hours in Miami Dolphins land has been fun, hasn’t it?  The Dolphins were beaten Sunday by the Chargers 26-16 and dropped the team to 0-4 this season.  Prior to the game the hot seat for Dolphins Coach, Tony Sparano, was estimated to be ‘hot’, and that’s being kind.  Following Sunday’s loss, the temperature is now approaching that of the sun.  Many expected the Dolphins to put their coach out of his misery this week (the bye week), as the playoffs are about as far from the Dolphins as Charlie Sheen is from being sober.  But, as of this writing, nothing has happened.  In fact, last night reports indicated that the Dolphins would allow Sparano to coach at least until the October 17th game at the New York Jets.

Photo by Chris J. Nelson

Then, this morning, we receive word that the Dolphins cancelled their ‘day after’ media news conference and said it will be held on Tuesday.  There are conflicting reports, as some suggest that it has always been the plan, while others say this is out of the ordinary:

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Dreadful Dolphins still winless after 26-16 loss to the Chargers

Like most other fans of the Miami Dolphins, I continue to watch this team.  Why?  Because I’m a freaking idiot!  Before this season I mocked the NFL “experts” and their ridiculous predictions of the Dolphins winning “only” 3 or 4 games and finishing 4th in the division.  I’ll be apologizing for those rants later this week, because I was wrong to bash them for predicting the Dolphins to be so bad.  In fact, the way the Miami Dolphins are playing, I should be thanking them for having THAT much faith in the Dolphins.

Entering Sunday’s game against the Chargers, the Dolphins had their backs firmly against the wall….they were 0-3….the temperature on their coach’s hot seat was set on “flames of hell” setting….they were losing fans faster than Rex Ryan loses his mind when he sees feet….They needed a win and they needed it badly.  To their credit, the team did get off to a quick start and jump out to a 7-0 lead.  They not only jumped out to an early lead, but they did so after their starting QB, Chad Henne, was knocked out of the game.  Well, Henne wasn’t so much knocked out of the game, as he fell like the Life Alert Lady and injured his shoulder.  I could almost hear him yelling “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”  Henne, by the way, appears to be okay, but will have an MRI tomorrow.

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Tony Sparano’s job with Dolphins apparently safe for another 2 weeks

The Miami Dolphins lost their fourth straight game of the 2011 season on Sunday, falling to the Chargers 26-16.  Even prior to this loss, the Dolphins coach, Tony Sparano was on the hot seat.  After this loss, it was thought that the seat might finally be pulled out from under the Dolphins coach.   Apparently the calls from many Dolphins fans for the coach to be fired, will have 2 more weeks to continue.  Sunday night, we learned from the Sun Sentinel that the Dolphins will hold off on making a coaching decision until at least October 17th, when the Dolphins take on the Jets.

I’ve been away for a few weeks, so I’m slowly getting back into the sporting world….and by slowly I mean I’ve been watching everything and anything NFL related since I woke got off the plane at 1am Sunday morning.  I know that the Dolphins have struggled in all facets of the game, thus far, in 2011.  Considering they are 0-4 and Sparano was almost replaced in January, it’s hard to imagine him making it through the season as Dolphins coach.

My question is, why do we have to wait until after the Dolphins/Jets game?  Is that his last chance?  Will a win buy him another week?  Will a loss make him walk the plank?  I mean at 0-4, the Dolphins will need one of the most miraculous turnarounds in NFL history, in order to make the playoffs.  Wasn’t MAKING THE PLAYOFFS the thing that was going to save Sparano’s job?  I mean you’d almost be doing Tony a favor, because he’s going to be asked about this (so will the players) until he’s eventually fired….why keep that distraction around the Dolphins team?  Maybe an explanation is coming….maybe the bye week will give the Dolphins time to reassess where they are and what they are going to do.  We’ll see…..

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Vontae Davis and Daniel Thomas OUT for Dolphins today

The Miami Dolphins are not only 0-3 on the year, they’re hurting too…literally. We learned Saturday night that the Miami Dolphins will take on the Chargers at 4:15pm without their starting CB Vontae Davis, RB Daniel Thomas, and Koa Misi. The Dolphins have looked bad for the better part of their first 3 games and these injuries will not help the Dolphin’s attempt to get off the shnide!

The Dolphins secondary has been bad (being kind) even with Vontae. How bad will the Dolphins DBs be later this afternoon, matching up against Phillip Rivers?!

The Dolphins running game has had it’s moments, but will certainly miss Daniel Thomas. The Dolphins have an uphill battle this afternoon…hopefully they can overcome the injuries, bad play, and almost deafening jeers for Sparano’s job….

Yes, I’m back from my 2 week hiatus and couldn’t be happier. We want to thank @PhinNationJohn for doing and excellent job running while we were away. Great job John!! John has agreed to regularly contribute Dolphins news and opinions to so keep a look out for his posts.

Starting this week we have another addition to the team, new contributor, Brandon. We’ll keep you posted on the new happenings for the blog as the week progresses. We hope to be talking about a Miami Dolphins victory! PhinsUp!!

Miami Dolphins re-sign CB Will Allen, but is he healthy?

Last night, we learned that the Miami Dolphins released Benny Sapp, but the move was surprising because we didn’t know who was going to fill the void created by his departure.  Well, it seems that the Dolphins had someone in mind…someone that has played the last 5 seasons with the Dolphins…..Will Allen.   Allen was cut prior to week 1 of the 2011 season, but his return to the Dolphins is a welcomed one.  After watching Tom Brady carve up the Dolphins secondary like a Thanksgiving turkey, something needed to change.

In the preseason, Benny Sapp looked like a Pro Bowler…intercepting passes and blanketing receivers.  After watching on Monday Night, it all was a bit of a mirage.  The Dolphins defense looked out of sorts and there were Patriots receivers running more open than the gap between Michael Strahan’s teeth.  But I digress.  The worst part about this whole debacle (and it is a debacle) is that the Dolphins are responsible for all $1.9 million of Benny Sapp’s 2011 contract.  They are paying the guy all of that money for 1 game and replacing him with a guy they could have kept in the first place!  I’ve learned that common sense and the Miami Dolphins, should not be used in the same sentence too often.

Onto Will Allen…is he an upgrade?  Yes, if he’s healthy.  Remember, Allen was held out of a couple of the Dolphins’ preseason games and more than a few practices, because he was injured.  His health was the reason I thought the Dolphins cut him in the first place and chose Sapp.  If he’s healthy (which I can only assume he is, since the Dolphins just re-signed him), he can bring some stability and leadership to the Dolphins secondary….specifically to Vontae Davis and Sean Smith.  The Dolphins had better get their secondary fixed in a hurry because the Texans saw what the Patriots did on Monday night….and I’m sure they’re going to try to replicate it.

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Miami Dolphins release CB Benny Sapp

In a surprising move, the Miami Dolphins released Cornerback Benny Sapp earlier today. Sapp was burned more than a few times in the Dolphins loss Monday Night to the Patriots.

The move is surprising for a few reasons; First, the Dolphins secondary looked terrible Monday Night and there hasn’t been any talk about who will take Sapp’s place in the Dolphins secondary.

Second, Sapp outplayed Will Allen in the preseason. He actually looked really good in the preseason for the Dolphins.

Third, Sapp was on the week one roster which means his $1.9 mil contract is guaranteed. So the Dolphins will be paying Sapp to sit at home. Heck, I could do that for $1.9 mil!

I’d expect to hear about the Dolphins plans to replace Sapp by tomorrow. If I’m Will Allen, I’m waiting for the Dolphins to call and I’d probably try to milk every dime out of them….because they need him.

The week ahead for the Dolphins and Foes (AFC East Preview) 9/18 Edition

Well week 1 for the Miami Dolphins didn’t exactly go as planned, did it?  The Dolphins are the only team in the AFC East not to win their opening game of 2011, which leaves the Dolphins in last place.  So what does the week ahead have for the Dolphins, Patriots, Jets, and Bills?  Here’s a look at what happened in week 1 and what’s ahead in week 2:

New England Patriots (1-0)

The Patriots lived up to their billing, pasting the Dolphins 38-24 at Sun Life Stadium.  The Patriots offense did what they wanted, when they wanted against the Dolphins supposed top notch defense.  The used the no huddle offense and tired the Dolphins out by limiting the situational substitutions the Dolphins could make.  The Patriots will take on another high power offense on Sunday, when they welcome in the San Diego Chargers to Foxboro.  If the Dolphins/Pats game was a shootout, I can’t even imagine how high scoring THAT game is going to be.

New York Jets (1-0)

I watched the game on Sunday night and rooted hard for the Cowboys….yeah, because that helped!  Call it luck, call it magic, call it whatever you want, but the Jets rallied to beat the Cowboys in the 4th quarter.  Tony Romo was great for 3 quarters and melted under the pressure of the 4th, and handed the Jets a W.  The Jets will host the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, a team that they should beat……  Although, stranger things have happened.  I expect the Jets to be 2-0 following this weekend’s games.

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Dolphins Defense takes the night off, lose to Pats 38-24

Coming into the 2011 season, we thought we knew how good the Miami Dolphins defense was going to be….we knew that Chad Henne would be the problem….or the O line….or the fact that the Dolphins don’t have a bruising running back.  After one week, it appears we were wrong about the Dolphins.  The Dolphins opened up the 2011 season last night with a frustrating loss to the New England Patriots, 38-24.  The game was close mid-way through the 3rd quarter, 21-17, although the Dolphins defense wasn’t giving us much hope at the time.  The Patriots moved the ball effortlessly against the ‘vaunted’ Dolphins defense.  In total, Tom Brady through for 517 yards, 4 TDs and 1 INT….Those are ridiculous numbers, even if you’re playing Madden….But Brady did that against the #6 defense in the NFL last year.  It was clear that the Pats gameplan was to run no huddle and tire the Dolphins defenders out….it worked… worked all night.  It worked to the point that Dolphins defenders (Vontae Davis, Sean Smith, and others) were leaving the game because of cramping.

At one point I tweeted that some one should wake Mike Nolan up…clearly he was sleeping because he made no adjustments….at least none that worked.  Brady lit up the Dolphins defense, by utilizing Danny Woodhead and his tight ends ALL NIGHT.  The Dolphins have been plagued by tight ends burning them for years, which is why they’ve brought in Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett…TO COVER FREAKING TIGHT ENDS.   None of it worked…NOTHING.  The Dolphins defense should be embarrassed to go into that film room today.  Mike Nolan was probably up all night, along with Tony Sparano.  Simply put, their defense, which was supposed to be a strength of the team, go lit the heck up.  The front 7 generated very little pass rush and didn’t touch Brady for almost all of the first half.

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Expect the unexpected tonight from the Miami Dolphins against the Pats

The 2011 season is set to kick off for the Miami Dolphins in just a little while.  We have looked at the matchup between the Dolphins and Patriots from every angle.  We’ve heard critics say that the Dolphins have little to no chance of beating the Pats.  We told you over the weekend that the Dolphins are going to surprise some people and will be in this game.  We can’t promise anything about the final score, but we are pretty sure that we will see some different looks from the Dolphins in this game….especially on Offense!  Here are a few things to lookout for from the Dolphins tonight:

Spread Formations

Brian Daboll helped lead the Cleveland Browns to victory last year over these very New England Patriots.  He’s come to Miami and has installed his new offense, which should utilize the Dolphins’ weapons better than his predecessor (Old Man Henning).  Expect Daboll to use more 3 and 4 wide formations against the Pats, trying to spread the defense out and create mismatches that favor the Dolphins.  The key with these formations will be the Dolphins offensive line’s ability to protect Chad Henne.  The Pats weakness on defense is ‘supposed’ to be their pass rush and defensive backs.  If the Dolphins can spread them out, and Henne is accurate, they could do some damage through the air.

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