Reggie Bush is motivated to bring a Super Bowl to Dolphins

When the Miami Dolphins traded Jonathon Amaya and a late round draft choice to the Saints for Reggie Bush, we weren’t as excited about the addition as most Dolfans were.  We knew the Dolphins were getting Bush, a big name player, but with less than expected production.  However, after seeing Reggie in practice and 1 preseason game, we’re a little more excited about the Dolphins new RB.  Bush is not only a running back, which is how many view him.  He’s also a big weapon in the passing game.  Bush showed against the Panthers (yes, we know they’re the crappy Panthers), that he can take a checkdown pass and scamper 20 yards.  We’re confident that Brian Daboll can utilize Bush and get the most out of him.

Reggie is also the last player on the field after practice.  He regularly stays 30 minutes AFTER practice to catch extra balls, run sprints, and push the tackling sleds.  This guy wants to be great.  He wants to live up to the hype that surrounded him when he was drafted.  And it seems as though the Dolphins are going to give him that opportunity.  Dolphins coach, Tony Sparano, said earlier this week that Reggie will be the ‘first guy out of the gate’, meaning he’ll be the starting running back.  The big question is whether or not Reggie can stay healthy throughout the course of the season.  We certainly hope so.

Below is an interview that was done by The Finsiders, in which Reggie talks about his goals for 2011.  He also talks about the transition to the Dolphins, coming from the Saints.  I find it interesting that he says Dolphins camp is more relaxed.  Really?!

They goals Reggie points out are….in order:

1. Win the Super Bowl

2. Win the AFC East

3. Average 4 yards a carry as a running back stable

4. Make the Pro Bowl

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Vontae Davis: Me and Sean Smith are the BEST CB tandem in the league

You read that right Dolfans.  The Miami Dolphins cornerback, Vontae Davis, thinks that he and Sean Smith are the best cornerback combination in the league.  Not Revis + Cromartie.  Not Samuel + Asomugha.  The Dolphins corners.  If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you know that we like the Dolphins two young corners….a lot.  We’re not willing to say that Smith + Davis are the best CB tandem in the league…YET.  They have a combined zero pro bowls and still have improvements to make.  BOTH can do a better job of hauling in INTs for the Dolphins and helping the offense by creating turnovers.

Even though we don’t agree with Vontae in this case, we like the confidence in the Dolphins 3rd year CB.  He and Smith are both confident players, but to take their game to the next level, perhaps they need something Tony Sparano has been saying a lately………SWAG (as in swagger).  Confidence plays a big role in the NFL and will play a big role in the development of the Dolphins young corners.  They have to be confident so that they can quickly rebound from pass plays that they give up.

Tony Sparano also shouted some confidence today, saying that the Dolphins ARE one of the good teams in the AFC East and that they are poised to  ‘make a run at this thing’.  We like the confidence…it’s actually refreshing.  We’re not suggesting that Vontae and Sparano start yammering on like dough boy Rex Ryan, but it is nice to hear once in a while.  The key will be for the Dolphins to back up their confidence with solid, WINNING play on the field.  Winning will breed more confidence.  But losing will cause any confident remarks to fall on deaf ears.

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Dolphins RB Daniel Thomas told by team to run HARDER

In the April draft, the Miami Dolphins traded up into the 2nd round to select running back, Daniel Thomas from Kansas State.  The Dolphins liked the vision and running style that Thomas possessed.  For him to reward the Dolphins for trading up to get him, he’s going to have to show more than he has in the first 3 weeks of training camp.


Daniel Thomas is a rookie and has only been practicing with the Dolphins for 3 weeks.  He didn’t have the luxury or OTAs or mini camps to get acclimated to the NFL.  Thus far he has not shown the burst or ability to hit the hole hard, that he showed at times at K State.  Running backs are usually the quickest rookies to make an impact in the NFL.  It’s more of an instinctive position, so the transition is usually easier.  In the opening preseason game, Thomas didn’t look very good, on limited carries.  To be fair, the Dolphins OLine didn’t exactly open up gaping holes for him. Continue Reading

Miami Dolphins offense to FINALLY get aggressive in 2011

Since Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland, and Tony Sparano came to the Miami Dolphins, the team has been built in what many describe as ‘old school’ football.  The Dolphins have brought in big bodies and focused their philosophies on ball control and limiting turnovers.  In 2008, this approach worked well, leading the Dolphins to the AFC East title.  You remember, the Dolphins had Chad Pennington, one of the smartest, most accurate QBs around, that year?   Over the last 2 seasons, with Chad Henne at the helm, the Dolphins have used that same approach.  The problem is, Henne is not the same type of QB that Pennington was.  Period.

So for the last two years, the Dolphins have relied on a young QB,  2 aging running backs, and an offensive coordinator (and philosophy) that predates WWII.  At times last year, opponents said they knew what plays were coming before the ball was even snapped!  Well, according to Yahoo Sports and CBS Sports reports, the Dolphins have undergone an offensive makeover.   Actually, it’s more like a brain transplant.  Tony Sparano looked himself in the mirror and realized he needed to change his style…and the Dolphins style all at the same time.

It started with the retirement of Dan Henning, whom was replaced by Brian Daboll.  Yes, Daboll’s offense in Cleveland last year ranked BEHIND the Dolphins.  However, he is known for his creative playcalling and aggressive style.  Something the Dolphins owner Stephen Ross’…..and now Tony Sparano, now covet.  The Dolphins also added speed to the team (see: Clyde Gates, Reggie Bush, etc.).  They tried to add a veteran QB (Orton, Favre, whomever), but were unsuccessful for a myriad of reasons.

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Miami Dolphins Sign RB Larry Johnson….Not Grand-MaMa

The Miami Dolphins are keeping us busy this morning!  First, they cut Kory Sheets, then we hear that they worked out Clinton Portis….Then we see this from the officiall Miami Dolphins Twitter account:

[blackbirdpie id="106000705374007296"]

No, the Dolphins twitter feed isn’t talking about Grand-MaMa…ex-basketball player Larry Johnson.  This is the Larry Johnson who rushed for over 1,700 yards in 2006.  We first heard about the Dolphins working Johnson out in early August.  Apparently, Johnson is the veteran RB the Dolphins think has the most left in the tank.  It could mean that the Dolphins aren’t overly impressed with what they’ve seen thus far from Daniel Thomas….as his running style is similar to Larry Johnson’s….Well, the Larry Johnson from 2006.  Johnson will be 32 years old this November and carried just 5 times for 2 yards in 2010.

The Dolphins probably signed Johnson to add depth at RB, but the quality of the signing for the Dolphins will depend on how much Johnson has left in the tank.  There is certainly the posibility that he ultimately doesn’t even make the Dolphins roster going into 2011.  He could very well be cut in favor of a RB that is released from another team when September cuts occur.  This is a low risk, likely low reward signing for the Dolphins.

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Clinton Portis works out for Miami Dolphins this morning

According to, the Miami Dolphins have brought in free agent running back, Clinton Portis, for a workout this morning.  This news came shortly after we learned that the Dolphins released RB Kory Sheets.

Photo by Rufwork

Add Portis to a number of other veteran running backs the Dolphins have brought in for workouts this offseason.  That list also includes Tiki Barber and Larry Johnson.  It’s becoming clear that the Dolphins are looking for depth behind Daniel Thomas and Reggie Bush.  If the Dolphins sign Portis, he’ll be coming back to Miami, where he played his college football for the University of Miami.

Portis will be 30 years old in a month and has only played in a total of 13 games over the last 2 seasons.  However, if he was used more as a complimentary back, perhaps he could stay healthy and contribute.  Over the last 2 years for the Redskins, Portis has averaged 4.0 and 4.2 yards per carry, scoring a total of 3 touchdowns.

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Miami Dolphins cut ties with Kory Sheets

There has been a bit of speculation regarding Kory Sheets and his status on the 2011 Miami Dolphins Roster.  Moments ago, now former Dolphins running back, Kory Sheets confirmed via twitter that he has been released from the team:

[blackbirdpie id="105989612991819777"]

Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald confirmed the release moments later.  Sheets was trying to make his way back onto the Dolphins roster after suffering an Achilles injury.  He didn’t seem to have the same speed and explosiveness that he had prior to the injury, which lead to his release. The Dolphins currently have Reggie Bush, Lex Hilliard, Daniel Thomas, and Nic Grigsby on the roster at running back.  Perhaps they could look to add a veteran and stash Grigsby on the practice squad.  We’ll probably know soon if the Dolphins are going to add another RB.

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Breaking Down the Dolphins win vs. the Panthers Friday Night

Forgive us for this late breakdown of the Miami Dolphins win over the Carolina Panthers Friday night.  But we wanted to review all of the tape to give our full thoughts on the game….and frankly, it was a busy weekend!  The Dolphins beat the Panthers on Friday night 20-10, and actually won a home game (throw a parade!).  But as in all preseason games, it’s more important how you play than if you win.  After an ugly opening game against the Falcons, the Dolphins seemed to improve in a number of areas, which we’ll get to in a few moments.  However, remember that the team the Dolphins were playing on Friday night was the worst team in the NFL in 2010.  They were bad enough to earn the #1 pick in the draft, and used it to select Cam Newton.

As we mentioned, the Dolphins looked good in many of the major areas on Friday night.  They jumped out to a 20-0 lead and dominated the first half of play, when mostly starters were playing.  Here are our thoughts on the key components of the game:

Chad Henne

Henne threw 2 picks and looked out of sorts against the Falcons….But he rebounded nicely against the Panthers.  We’re not saying he’s the next elite QB based on his 1st half performance, but he helped prevent Dolphins fans from chanting ‘We Want Moore”.  Henne didn’t throw an INT or a TD in the game, but he was able to get the ball into the hands of the playmakers around him.  After all, this was the Dolphins theory, wasn’t it?  If they couldn’t bring in another QB to challenge Henne, why not help him by giving him more weapons.  He targeted Brandon Marshall, Davone Bess, and Reggie Bush a lot in the first half.   He was 15 for 24 and threw for 194 yards.  He commanded the huddle and was accurate for the most part (except on a couple of OPEN deep balls).  Again, he’s not as bad as he looked against the Falcons or as ‘good’ as he looked against the Panthers.

Reggie Bush

The Dolphins brought in Reggie Bush to add an electric player to the backfield….one they haven’t had since Ricky was in his prime.  He didn’t disappoint in his season debut for the Dolphins.  Bush rushed for 48 yards on 8 carries and caught 2 balls for 33 yards.  He showed that he can take even a checkdown pass and make something positive out of it.

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Pryor goes to the Raiders….big surprise!

Earlier today, the NFL conducted it’s supplemental draft.  We haven’t written much about it on because we didn’t think the Dolphins would end up selecting anyone. The Dolphins and 30 other teams stood firm today, as only the Oakland Raiders made a selection in the supplemental draft.  Here’s how we learned of the Pryor news:

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Yes, the Oakland Raiders selected Terrelle Pryor, the troubled QB from Ohio State.  Not only did they select him, but they forfeit their 3rd round pick in the 2012 to do so.  Maybe they see him as the next JaMarcus Russell?  Who knows?  All we know is that this is the furthest thing from a surprise that there is in sports.  Pryor was suspended by the NFL and will be unable to practice or play for the Raiders for the first 5 weeks of the season.  Early word is that he’ll be used as a WR/TE…maybe they’ll eventually try to use him as a QB….again, Who Knows with Al Davis and the Raiders!

We’re not so sure that the Dolphins decided to pass on Pryor.  For all we know, they could’ve submitted up to a 4th round pick for him…but the Raiders beat them to him.  OR, the Dolphins might have chosen to abstain from submitting a pick, guessing that Pryor’s past is a prediction for his future behavior.

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