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Miami Dolphins Sign RB Larry Johnson….Not Grand-MaMa

The Miami Dolphins are keeping us busy this morning!  First, they cut Kory Sheets, then we hear that they worked out Clinton Portis….Then we see this from the officiall Miami Dolphins Twitter account:

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No, the Dolphins twitter feed isn’t talking about Grand-MaMa…ex-basketball player Larry Johnson.  This is the Larry Johnson who rushed for over 1,700 yards in 2006.  We first heard about the Dolphins working Johnson out in early August.  Apparently, Johnson is the veteran RB the Dolphins think has the most left in the tank.  It could mean that the Dolphins aren’t overly impressed with what they’ve seen thus far from Daniel Thomas….as his running style is similar to Larry Johnson’s….Well, the Larry Johnson from 2006.  Johnson will be 32 years old this November and carried just 5 times for 2 yards in 2010.

The Dolphins probably signed Johnson to add depth at RB, but the quality of the signing for the Dolphins will depend on how much Johnson has left in the tank.  There is certainly the posibility that he ultimately doesn’t even make the Dolphins roster going into 2011.  He could very well be cut in favor of a RB that is released from another team when September cuts occur.  This is a low risk, likely low reward signing for the Dolphins.

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Clinton Portis works out for Miami Dolphins this morning

According to, the Miami Dolphins have brought in free agent running back, Clinton Portis, for a workout this morning.  This news came shortly after we learned that the Dolphins released RB Kory Sheets.

Photo by Rufwork

Add Portis to a number of other veteran running backs the Dolphins have brought in for workouts this offseason.  That list also includes Tiki Barber and Larry Johnson.  It’s becoming clear that the Dolphins are looking for depth behind Daniel Thomas and Reggie Bush.  If the Dolphins sign Portis, he’ll be coming back to Miami, where he played his college football for the University of Miami.

Portis will be 30 years old in a month and has only played in a total of 13 games over the last 2 seasons.  However, if he was used more as a complimentary back, perhaps he could stay healthy and contribute.  Over the last 2 years for the Redskins, Portis has averaged 4.0 and 4.2 yards per carry, scoring a total of 3 touchdowns.

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Miami Dolphins cut ties with Kory Sheets

There has been a bit of speculation regarding Kory Sheets and his status on the 2011 Miami Dolphins Roster.  Moments ago, now former Dolphins running back, Kory Sheets confirmed via twitter that he has been released from the team:

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Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald confirmed the release moments later.  Sheets was trying to make his way back onto the Dolphins roster after suffering an Achilles injury.  He didn’t seem to have the same speed and explosiveness that he had prior to the injury, which lead to his release. The Dolphins currently have Reggie Bush, Lex Hilliard, Daniel Thomas, and Nic Grigsby on the roster at running back.  Perhaps they could look to add a veteran and stash Grigsby on the practice squad.  We’ll probably know soon if the Dolphins are going to add another RB.

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Breaking Down the Dolphins win vs. the Panthers Friday Night

Forgive us for this late breakdown of the Miami Dolphins win over the Carolina Panthers Friday night.  But we wanted to review all of the tape to give our full thoughts on the game….and frankly, it was a busy weekend!  The Dolphins beat the Panthers on Friday night 20-10, and actually won a home game (throw a parade!).  But as in all preseason games, it’s more important how you play than if you win.  After an ugly opening game against the Falcons, the Dolphins seemed to improve in a number of areas, which we’ll get to in a few moments.  However, remember that the team the Dolphins were playing on Friday night was the worst team in the NFL in 2010.  They were bad enough to earn the #1 pick in the draft, and used it to select Cam Newton.

As we mentioned, the Dolphins looked good in many of the major areas on Friday night.  They jumped out to a 20-0 lead and dominated the first half of play, when mostly starters were playing.  Here are our thoughts on the key components of the game:

Chad Henne

Henne threw 2 picks and looked out of sorts against the Falcons….But he rebounded nicely against the Panthers.  We’re not saying he’s the next elite QB based on his 1st half performance, but he helped prevent Dolphins fans from chanting ‘We Want Moore”.  Henne didn’t throw an INT or a TD in the game, but he was able to get the ball into the hands of the playmakers around him.  After all, this was the Dolphins theory, wasn’t it?  If they couldn’t bring in another QB to challenge Henne, why not help him by giving him more weapons.  He targeted Brandon Marshall, Davone Bess, and Reggie Bush a lot in the first half.   He was 15 for 24 and threw for 194 yards.  He commanded the huddle and was accurate for the most part (except on a couple of OPEN deep balls).  Again, he’s not as bad as he looked against the Falcons or as ‘good’ as he looked against the Panthers.

Reggie Bush

The Dolphins brought in Reggie Bush to add an electric player to the backfield….one they haven’t had since Ricky was in his prime.  He didn’t disappoint in his season debut for the Dolphins.  Bush rushed for 48 yards on 8 carries and caught 2 balls for 33 yards.  He showed that he can take even a checkdown pass and make something positive out of it.

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Pryor goes to the Raiders….big surprise!

Earlier today, the NFL conducted it’s supplemental draft.  We haven’t written much about it on because we didn’t think the Dolphins would end up selecting anyone. The Dolphins and 30 other teams stood firm today, as only the Oakland Raiders made a selection in the supplemental draft.  Here’s how we learned of the Pryor news:

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Yes, the Oakland Raiders selected Terrelle Pryor, the troubled QB from Ohio State.  Not only did they select him, but they forfeit their 3rd round pick in the 2012 to do so.  Maybe they see him as the next JaMarcus Russell?  Who knows?  All we know is that this is the furthest thing from a surprise that there is in sports.  Pryor was suspended by the NFL and will be unable to practice or play for the Raiders for the first 5 weeks of the season.  Early word is that he’ll be used as a WR/TE…maybe they’ll eventually try to use him as a QB….again, Who Knows with Al Davis and the Raiders!

We’re not so sure that the Dolphins decided to pass on Pryor.  For all we know, they could’ve submitted up to a 4th round pick for him…but the Raiders beat them to him.  OR, the Dolphins might have chosen to abstain from submitting a pick, guessing that Pryor’s past is a prediction for his future behavior.

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Mike and Mike: Dolphins to win 3 or 4 games in 2011?…….REALLY?

Earlier today, Mike and Mike in the Morning talked about the Miami Dolphins during their “Two-A-Days” segment.  Yes, I admit, I listen to Mike and Mike in the Morning.  I’ve listened to them for about 5 years, but I’m starting to get tired of their act.  For those of you that don’t know, Mike Greenberg is a huge Jets fan.  Mike Golic is a former DT for the Miami Dolphins and Philadelphia Eagles.  The two of them talk every morning about the big stories in the sports world…The main discussion points usually revolve around Football, Baseball, and Basketball.

Well, on today’s show, the dynamic duo discussed the Miami Dolphins and gave their best ‘guesses’ at the Dolphins 2011 record.  Greeny (Greenberg) said the Dolphins would finish 3-13, while Golic said the Dolphins would go 4-12, taking a step back from last year.  Listen, I know these guys have a lot to cover in the sports world….but 3-4 wins for the Dolphins this year?  REALLY?  Vegas, who’s usually right around the mark, has the Dolphins win total at 7.5 wins.

Having said all of that, no one can predict the future, and Mike and Mike are entitled to their opinion….In fact, they get paid A LOT of money to give their opinions.  BUT, keep in mind that these 2 don’t exactly have a stellar track record when it comes to the NFL.  Each week, the two ‘experts’ give their picks for 2-3 NFL games.  Last year, Greeny went 12-21-3 and Golic went 18-16-2.  So please, take their predictions for what they are worth.

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Is LenDale White coming to the Miami Dolphins?

Last night, we saw a rumor that was circulating about a new running back joining the Miami Dolphins.  At first I laughed at the notion that the Dolphins might sign or have signed LenDale White.  No one seems to be able to confirm or deny the fact of whether or not LenDale White was signed by the Miami Dolphins.  Wikipedia has White listed as a member of the Dolphins.   However, we have been unable to get confirmation for the the Dolphins, their beat reporters, or White’s agent thus far.

Maybe the goal line struggles on Friday night led the Dolphins front office to rethink their RB situation.  Daniel Thomas was stuffed twice from the one and Lex Hilliard dove over the top twice, finally scoring a TD on 4th and 1.  Maybe they want an even bigger back that can punch it in from the 1 yard line.  That role for the Dolphins used to be reserved for Lou Polite, but his roster spot is apparently in jeopardy.  So if in fact he was signed by the Dolphins, why LenDale White?

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Guest Blog: What you need to know about Sparano/Henne in 2011

The following guest blog was sent in by Jarrod, a follower on Twitter:

An NFL playbook consists of roughly 1,000 plays. When the season is over, coaches scour over the previous year’s tape to see what needs to be added or subtracted (whether it be plays or players). Those changes usually begin in March with Free Agency, into April’s Draft, and offseason OTAs.

This offseason was different because of the lockout. Without Free Agency, Sparano was forced to game plan this season with Chad Henne as the starting QB. Drafting a QB early and throwing him into the fire was never really an option since Sparano HAS to win this season (Ross made that clear).

With his job on the line, Sparano’s only chance to succeed this season was to go with the QB who knew the system. Any hopes of getting a veteran QB and getting him up-to-speed went out the window when the NFLPA did away with 2-A-Days.

Chad Henne will be the starting QB for the Miami Dolphins in 2011. Sparano was dealt a bad hand, but there was very little he can do. Changing QBs three-weeks away from the opener will only set the team back. The Fins got lucky a few years ago when Chad Pennington became available, barring the release of a very intelligent QB, get used to seeing #7 in the backfield.

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Reggie Bush, Brandon Marshall, and Jason Taylor all to play tonight for Dolphins

Tonight, the Miami Dolphins host the Carolina Panthers at 7:30pm EST at Sun Life Stadium.  Tonight, we will get another chance to evaluate Chad Henne, and to see if he can bounce back from a disappointing game last week against the Falcons.  Last week, Henne was without two of the Dolphins’ biggest offensive weapons, Brandon Marshall and Reggie Bush.  According to Coach Sparano, both will play in tonight’s preseason game #2 for the Dolphins.  Reggie Bush will likely get into the mix early and often (think about how the Falcons targeted Julio Jones last week).  It could be running the ball, or catching the ball out of the backfield.  The Dolphins won’t unleash their Reggie Bush playbook too much, but he’ll certainly be involved.

Photo by Daveblack via Wikipedia

Brandon Marshall will also make his return to game action, giving Henne another weapon.  New Dolphins offensive coordinator, Brian Daboll, is said to be focusing on getting the ball to The Beast.  Now Henne just has to do it on the field, in game situations.  Coach Sparano has said that the starters will play more tonight than they normally would in the 2nd preseason game.  The starters will likely play deep into the 2nd quarter and perhaps even until halftime.  Sparano suggests that with the limited practices due to the Lockout, the Dolphins need to get their starters more reps.  We can only hope that they can remain healthy!

An old Dolphins friend makes his return to game action tonight, when #99 Jason Taylor takes the field again for the Dolphins.    Taylor was brought in to be a situational pass rusher for the Dolphins, but has been subbed into the starting lineup with the injury to Koa Misi.  Taylor might be an exception to the rule that Sparano set forth, as we don’t see him playing too deep into the 2nd quarter tonight.

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