Breaking News: The NFL Players have voted to PASS the new CBA

The Miami Dolphins moved their practice today to accommodate the big CBA vote by the players.  They also moved their practice from 11am to 7pm to ensure that their new player signings would be able to participate in today’s practice, if the CBA passed the vote.  As first reported by Jay Glazer, the NFL season is officially back:

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So at tonight’s practice, we’ll finally get to see the newest Miami Dolphins, including: Reggie Bush, Kevin Burnett, Jason Taylor, Matt Moore, Marc Colombo, and others.  Tonight’s practice will be the first time that these new Dolphins have been able to physically practice with their new team.  I’m excited to see what these new additions can bring to the Dolphins…The 5 that I mentioned should all be big contributors to the Dolphins.

Reggie Bush is likely to get 12-15 touches a game, complementing Daniel Thomas….Kevin Burnett is likely to be one of the Dolphins starting linebackers, giving more athleticism than Channing Crowder could supply……Jason Taylor makes his return to Miami, likely to be a situational pass rushing force opposite Cam Wake….Matt Moore is going to compete with Chad Henne for the starting QB position…..and Marc Colombo is likely the team’s new starting RT.  Thankfully football is OFFICIALLY back!!

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Please STOP with the Brett Favre to Miami Dolphins Nonsense

We weren’t even going to post anything about the latest rumors involving the Miami Dolphins.  Why?  Because there is no basis whatsoever to them.  Yes, we post Dolphins rumors on, but only when they make sense or have some possibility of happening.  What unfolded this afternoon was absolutely insane (some of it is still ongoing).  For those of you that don’t know what in the heck I’m talking about, Brett Favre has been connected to the Miami Dolphins by certain media outlets.  Why?   WE HAVE NO IDEA.  Here’s what’s been happening:

This morning, Dave Hyde of the Sun Sentinel posted a story about why the Dolphins should reach out to Brett Favre to help their QB woes.  I immediately threw up on my computer from the thought of it….Many Dolphins fans agreed with me.  We didn’t think much of it, until a a reporter asked Tony Sparano if Favre was a possibility for the Dolphins…Tony replied that he “wouldn’t rule anything out”.

Well that set off a firestorm on Twitter and across the internet.  Of all sources, I actually agree with Armando Salguero on this one!  How can you take an unsubstantiated thought in an article, combine that with a coaches comment and make a headline out of it.  But there it was, spreading like wildfire…..Pro Football Talk had a story…so did USA Today.  By this time, my eyes were starting to bleed from the sheer nonsense of this all.  After all, Brett Favre is 41 years old, stunk last year, and is retired… fully retired, not “I might come back, retired”…..but I guess with him you never know.

Thankfully, just a short time ago,  Favre’s agent cleared everything up for everyone about the Dolphins/Favre talk…He even compared Favre to Elvis:

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Can we now please stop with all of this nonsense?  On the bright side, it may have distracted the main stream media enough to get them off of Chad Henne’s back for a little while!

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Can Matt Moore beat out Chad Henne for Dolphins starting QB spot?

When the news broke last week that the Miami Dolphins had signed their veteran QB, it came as a surprise to a lot of Dolphins fans.  Why?  Well, we were in the middle of hearing about a possible trade with the Broncos for a certain quarterback (who shall remain nameless).  I mean, we had heard just hours before that the Dolphins and Broncos were in ‘serious discussions’ for a certain burley bearded quarterback.  And then the news hit…”Dolphins and Matt Moore agree to 2-year deal”.  WHAT? I couldn’t have read that right.  Matt Moore??  REALLY??

After the initial shock of the move, we’ve had some time to digest.  Make no mistake, we still think that the Dolphins should have brought in a veteran with a little more experience.  However, if Matt Moore is on the Dolphins roster, they’re going to give him every opportunity to compete with Chad Henne to be the starting quarterback of this team.  Henne, who has been leading practices all summer, using Brian Daboll’s playbook, has a clear head start in the competition.  He knows the playbook and he knows the players around him.  Moore will have to make up a lot of ground in a short amount of time to unseat Henne.

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Dolphins bring in Tiki Barber for workout

Yes Dolphins fans, you read that headline correctly.  As first reported by Jay Glazer of, the Miami Dolphins brought in former Giants running back, Tiki Barber for a workout on Tuesday.  I first learned after checking Twitter upon landing from my trip to Chicago.  I thought, as I read the below tweet, that the jet lag had started to get to me:

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I thought to myself “Why on earth would the Dolphins brass bring in a 36 year old running back, that hasn’t played football since early 2007?”  I’m no mathematician, but by my calculations that’s 4.5 years since Tiki took a handoff in an NFL game.  He was last seen doing what some would call ‘reporting’ for the Today show.  Apparently his journalism career didn’t take him as far as he would’ve liked.

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Are the Miami Dolphins looking to add another big piece?

Yesterday was one of the few ‘quiet’ days in Miami Dolphins camp.  First, the team had an off day, so the players weren’t practicing.  Second, for the first time since free agency began, the Dolphins did not sign a new player or complete a trade.  The big speculation yesterday surrounded Vernon Carey and his absence from Monday Night’s practice.  The Dolphins said that he was given the night off for personal reasons.  This lead many of us to believe that he was asked to restructure his deal, to give the Dolphins more cap flexibility.  According to the Palm Beach Post, it appears Carey has agreed to do so, as he is expected to be at practice on Wednesday.  Carey will likely compete with former Cowboy Marc Columbo for the starting RT spot.

Depending on how much the Carey deal was restructured, it could save the Dolphins over $4.5 mil.  This leads us to believe that the Dolphins are not done shopping in free agency.  Speculation last night was that the Dolphins are positioning themselves to add another big piece.  The big question is, who are the Dolphins looking to add?  It could be a certain QB from an AFC West team (who shall remain nameless)…. it could be Leonard Davis the former Pro Bowl guard…it could even be Braylon Edwards (who managed to get himself into off-field trouble again this week)… could be Shaun O’Hara, whom the Dolphins had in for a visit on Monday…..O’Hara, by the way, left Miami without a contract offer, as he wanted to return home to NYC for a few days to discuss his options with his family.

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Dolphins Monday Night Practice Report

Last night, the Miami Dolphins practiced  inside of Sun Life Stadium, under the lights and in front of roughly 10,000 die hard Dolphins fans.  Here is a brief recap from what I’ve been able to gather:

1. The Dolphins QB play tonight was apparently not up to snuff for the Dolfans in attendance.  After an incomplete pass from Chad Henne, there was a “We Want Orton” chant that broke out.  There were also quite a few boos from what I understand.  I am not a person that likes to boo players.  That’s just me.  However, I do think that fans paying money (free practices notwithstanding), have a right to voice their displeasure with the product on the field.  I do, however, think it’s a little ridiculous to boo the Dolphins, or any team, when they are having just their 4th practice of the season.  If it’s week 10 and the team is playing poorly, then you may have something to boo about.  But the 4th practice?  Cue the Allen Iverson “practice” sound bite.

2. Devlin, Brandstater, Henne did not exactly put on a show for the fans in attendance.  But apparently they didn’t get much help from their receiving core, which dropped quite a few passes.  Again, it’s the 4th practice of the season where players were locked out and forced to work on their own for 4.5 months.

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Jason Taylor is coming back to the Miami Dolphins

I know, I know, you’re shocked..You read that headline correctly, the Dolphins best pass rusher ever, is coming home. Moments ago, Jason Taylor announced on his Facebook page that he is returning to the Miami Dolphins!  Hopefully he snuck out of New York with his copy of the Jets playbook….

Photo by Ed Yourdon

The Dolphins have been looking for a pass rushing threat opposite Cameron Wake and appear to have found their man. So break out the #99 Miami Dolphins jerseys, JT is back!  This will be Jason Taylor’s third stint with the Dolphins.  He was drafted by Jimmy Johnson and played at a Hall of Fame worthy level for years in Miami.  Then the Dolphins and JT had a parting of ways when JT was traded to the Redskins in 2008.  He returned the the Dolphins a year later only to find his way into the arms of the hated Jets last season.  The past is the past, and if Jason Taylor can help the 2011 Miami Dolphins, all will forgotten.

We suggested JT returning to the Dolphins, earlier this offseason, but thought it was a long shot at best. His signing might be the last of the tweaking for the Dolphins defense.   While we can’t expect 12-15 sacks from JT, his leadership and experience will do wonders for the Dolphins defense and LB core in particular.  Now Mr Ireland, you can focus on signing some more Pieces for the Dolphins offense…..maybe a few more linemen??  For the time being though, Phin Nation would like to officially welcome back #99, Jason Taylor of the Miami Dolphins.

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King: Dolphins deal for Orton not dead, but a long shot

Before we even get into the post, I will promise you that this is the LAST post you will see about Kyle Orton and the Miami Dolphins.  That is, unless, the  trade discussions open up again regarding the quarterback.  There’s been a bit of a conspiracy theory floating around that the Dolphins are still interested in Orton, even though they’ve sign quarterback Matt Moore.  We thought we were crazy when we suggested it, shortly after the Moore signing was reported.  However, an award winning columnist sees why the deal makes so much sense for both the Dolphins and Orton.  We didn’t even want to write any more about Orton because it’s a long shot, but then Peter King had to go and write this in his Monday Morning Quarterback column:

8. I think the Kyle Orton-to-Miami deal isn’t dead, though it seems to be a long shot. If I were Orton, I’d be pushing for it. Hard. Tim Tebow might not keep the job, but he’s certainly going to have a good shot to win it this year at some point, and maybe very soon. I don’t care what Orton would have to do to his contract to make it happen. Five years down the road, if he doesn’t end up in Miami, he’ll be saying to himself, “I should have redone my contract back in 2011. I should have figured how much they wanted to go with Tebow, and how I could have started from day one in Miami.”

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Dolphins visiting today with Pro Bowl Center, Shaun O’Hara

The Miami Dolphins can be criticized for a lot of things, but standing pat is not one of them.  Give the Dolphins credit for always trying to improve the roster, even if it doesn’t always work out.  In the 2011 NFL Draft, the Dolphins selected Mike Pouncey and pronounced from day 1 that he would be the team’s new starting center.  He still could be.  However, the Dolphins are spending Monday courting an already proven commodity at the center position.  Last night, Shaun O’hara, he of the 3 Pro Bowl selections, flew into Miami, for meetings with the Dolphins brass today.

Photo by Alexa

O’Hara was cut by the Giants last week and is looking for a new employer.  He was named to the Pro Bowl in 2008 as a reserve, and as a starter in 2009 and 2010.  He won a world championship with the Giants and was named an All-Pro in 2008.   There are 2 big questions that surround O’Hara…#1 Can he still play at a Pro Bowl level? #2 What happens to Mike Pouncey if he’s signed?  Let’s tackle the first question first…can O’Hara play at an all pro level?  While no one knows for sure, signs indicate that even at 34 years old, O’Hara is still considered one of the better centers in the NFL.  If healthy, he could provide more veteran experience and leadership to the Dolphins offensive line.

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Recapping a busy Dolphins weekend….

You can say a lot about the Miami Dolphins this offseason, but one thing you can’t say is that they haven’t been busy.  I have been away from my computer since Friday afternoon and a lot has transpired with the Dolphins since then.  If you follow on Twitter, you know that we haven’t been completely out of touch!  This has been (of course), a busy weekend for the Dolphins, so we wanted to recap everything for you in one post.  Here’s a brief look at what the Dolphins have done in the last 48 hours:

Rookie Signings

As of Saturday, the Dolphins have signed all of their draft picks.  Mike Pouncey missed 2 days of camp and Daniel Thomas missed one day.  Are they a little behind?  Yes.  Will it have long lasting effects on their rookie seasons?  Absolutely not.  It was essential for Jeff Ireland to get these rookies signed and into camp.  Ireland was helped by the new CBA’s rookie wage scale, which has helped cut down rookie hold outs across the league.  The Dolphins should expect big contributions from Pouncey (starting C) and Thomas (starting RB).  They will likely use Charles Clay and Clyde (don’t call me Edmund) Gates in specific packages, to maximize their strengths.  Jimmy Wilson and Frank Kearse are more likely to be bottom of the roster guys, or even practice squad players.

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