PhinNation introduces a new commenting system!

As the Dolphins get ready to kick off the 2013 season, you may have noticed some changes around recently.  We’ve added the Phins Forum, a static page on the site that allows you to interact with fans, post new topics, pictures, etc.  We’ve also added a new commenting system to the site, thanks to our friends at Burn Zone.  This new commenting system keeps track of your comments and has a point system, which is based on what other fans think of your comments.

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

On the right side of the comment section, below each post, you’ll see the leaderboard.  Our plan is to reset this leaderboard each month.  At the end of each month, we’ll give a special shout out to the reader/commenter with the highest point total.  We’ll be implementing a Hall of Fame that keeps track of each monthly winner on the site.  We’re also working on coming up with prizes for each monthly winner…..more to come on that.

The first thing you need to do is to sign up for a Burn Zone account.  It’s simple to do.  In the comment section, click on the BZ icon.  You’ll then be taken to a page that asks you to login.  At the bottom of that page there is a ‘sign up’ link.  Enter your email address and make up a password and you’re done.  It’s that simple!

Our favorite part of this new system is the ability to ‘Challenge’ a comment made by a fellow Phins fan.  If someone makes a point that you completely disagree with, you can challenge them and make your counterargument.  Then, for 3 days, other fans will vote on who’s point they agree with the most.  The winner of the challenge will receive 20 points and the loser will lose 10 points from their total.

Here’s a run down for how the point system works:


  • Getting any comment liked +1p
  • Getting any comment disliked -1p
  • Getting a vote on a challenge +1p
  • Getting a vote on a question answer +1p


  • Winning a challenge (most points in 72 hrs after start) +20p
  • Losing a challenge -10p
  • The initiator & challenged gets per comment +1p


  •  The asker gets for each answer +2p
  • Best answer after 72 hrs +10p

Moderator actions

  • Moderator deletes a comment -10
  • Moderator deletes a challenge -25
  • Moderator deletes a question -15

If at anytime you need to refer to the point system, there is now a ‘Commenting’ tab below the header on the site.  We’re confident you’ll like the new system and hope you make the most of it.  We’re eager to see who our first monthly winner is!