PhinNation returns, just in time for the Dolphins season!

That’s right Dolphins fans, PhinNation is back, just in time for the start of the Dolphins 2015 season!  We’ve taken quite a bit of time off, but with good reason.  The PhinNation family welcomed a new member of the family last year, so we’ve been……..busy!   But we’re back and look forward to enjoying (hopefully) the Dolphins season with all of you.

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So a lot has changed since we last posted our thoughts on the Dolphins.  Ryan Tannehill got paid like a franchise quarterback…..the Dolphins revamped their wide receiving corps…….the Dolphins signed a boy named Suh…….and Jeff Ireland got another job….in the NFL.  Shocking!

Look, at the beginning of the season, hope springs eternal for all 32 teams in the NFL.  Optimism runs rampant at this time of year, because all fans have been hearing about is how much their favorite team has improved since we saw them last year.  The preseason gives us very little to judge if that is in fact the case.  Why?  Because the preseason sucks.  If you’re biggest accomplishment is a player NOT getting hurt, the games cannot be taken seriously.

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait much longer to see what teams are for real and what teams aren’t.  The NFL season started on Thursday night, with the Patriots allegedly cheating (again) and beating the Steelers.  There are a lot of interesting games in week 1, but the only one we’re focused on is the game taking place in Washington D.C.  The Dolphins will finally play a game that counts and we’ll get to see just how good Ryan Tannehill and his new weapons are.  We’ll also get to see if the Dolphins defense is as good as we all hope it can be.

We’ll have our Pitiful Picks back this year, hoping we can build on a solid season last year.  We’ll pick 3 games plus the Dolphins game every week.  Be sure to check back tomorrow morning (Sunday) for our thoughts on the Dolphins/Redskins game and our prediction for the final score.

It’s great to be back.  Let’s sit back, enjoy the ride.