PhinNation’s Best of Dolphins Blog Awards

We’ve reached the quiet time in the Miami Dolphins offseason. So, we thought it would be a good time to unveil the first annual “PhinNation’s Best of Dolphins Blog Awards”!  Like you, we’re Dolphins fans too and enjoy reading whatever we can about the Miami Dolphins.  We’re glad you read and hope you enjoy the news and analysis we bring to you.  However, today we’re going to give out some prestigious awards to our favorite Dolphins fan blogs.  Without further adieu, here are the 2012 winners:

Dan Marino, Hall of Fame Blog Award-

Let’s be honest, is the largest Miami Dolphins fan community on the internet.  Started by @TheMattyI and now run by @thephinsider , these guys do a great job of creating discussions around all things Miami Dolphins.  Kevin (mosul dolfan) is currently the head hancho over at and does an excellent job with his team.  Even in the depths of the offseason, they keep the site updated and have set the standard for all other Dolphins blogs to aspire to.

Sam Madison, Hilarious Blog

We were going to name this the Channing Crowder Award, but thought better of it.  The guys over at combine a passion for the Dolphins with hilarious comedy.  If you’re feeling bad after a Dolphins loss (and we know there are way too many of them), be sure to stop by to pick up your spirits.  Honestly, Chris Joseph (@finsnation) and Roger DRK (@datrorokid) tell it like it is.  I honestly have no idea where they come up with half of the stuff the write, but it’s funny and on point, So Hey.

Jason Taylor, Keepin it Real Awards- &

Paul Smythe (@PaulDSmythe) is the founder of Dolphin Shout and does a great job of keeping it real.  Paul and his fellow writers are not homers.  They tell it like it is, usually giving opinions on both sides of an argument.  Dolphin Shout includes posts by Paul and other featured columnists/readers like (Riverdog).  They delve into the X’s and O’s to break down plays from time to time, which I find interesting.  These guys don’t jump on the bandwagon and go with the flow.  Instead, they keep their emotions in check and try to provide information to Dolphins fans as objectively as possible.

Brian Miller (@txmedic5) is the founder of Phin Phanatic.  More times than not, we agree on the issues surrounding the Dolphins.  However, there have been some instances when we didn’t.  Doesn’t matter, everyone has their opinion and is entitled to it.  Brian and his staff do a great job of giving unique thoughts on the Dolphins and sometimes a behind the scene look at the team.

Tim Ruddy, Consistency

This award goes to Daniel Eliesen (@PhinsDaniel) and the Phins Phocus staff.  Phins Phocus broke onto the scene about 3 years ago and have been bringing it ever since.  Daniel and his team do a great job of consistently bringing Dolphins fans unique perspectives on the happenings around the Miami Dolphins.  We might not always agree with them, but Phins Phocus sticks to their guns and is consistent in their beliefs.

We hope you enjoyed the first annual PhinNation Best of Dolphins Blog Awards.  Be sure to check out these great Dolphins fan blogs (once the Dolphins return from their month-long hiatus).  These blogs are all run by passionate Dolphins fans who all want the best for our Phins!

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