PhinNation’s exclusive interview with Jackie Long (Mrs. Jake Long)

Since the Miami Dolphins are on their bye this week and there probably won’t be a lot of football news, we thought we’d bring you some new featured posts on Today we wanted to share a special interview we did recently with Jackie Long, Jake Long’s wife!  Jackie was nice enough to take some time to answer a few questions, giving Dolphins fans a little bit of insight to her and Jake’s life off the football field.  If you’re on Twitter, be sure to follow Jackie (@jackielong_17)!!!

PhinNation: What charities are you involved with?  How can fans get involved and help out?

Jackie Long: We are involved in a number of different charities associated with the Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins Women’s Organization (MDWO), and the Miami Dolphins Foundation.  Most of the things that we do are community outreach events like reading to children, serving food at homeless shelters, going on hospital visits, interacting with children with special needs at events like the Hometown Huddle, shopping for clothes for children in need, and participating in the Dolphins Cycling Challenge.  Outside of the Dolphins, we are just starting to get involved with North Star Reach, a camp for children with serious health challenges that is being built right now just outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan.  To get involved with Miami Dolphins charity and community events just go to, click on the “Community” link, and then “volunteer.”  To learn more about North Star Reach, visit

PhinNation: How did you and Jake meet?

Jackie Long: Jake and I met at a house party the first semester of our Freshman year of college at the University of Michigan.  Go Blue!  We were friends the first two years of school and then realized that we wanted to be together at the end of our Sophomore year.  I can’t believe its already been over 7 years since we started dating!  (cont’d on page 2, click below)

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