PhinNation’s exclusive interview with Jackie Long (Mrs. Jake Long)

PhinNation: How did Jake pop the big question?

Jackie Long: He took me to a romantic island resort in the Keyes.  We had a fantastic meal and then when we turned in for the night I realized that he had our bungalow decorated with candles, roses, and rose petals and got down on one knee.  He was very sincere and romantic and it was one of the most special moments of my life.

PhinNation: Do you go to all of the Dolphins games?

Jackie Long: I go to all of the home games and usually a couple of the away games.

PhinNation: Are there any funny stories you can share about Jake that fans might not know?

Jackie Long: Jake is very serious when it comes to football but off the field he is a funny and lovable guy.  He is always joking around with me and he loves to sing and make up words to songs.

PhinNation: We all know that Jake was selected #1 overall in the 2008 draft.  What was draft night like?

Jackie Long: Since we found out that he was going #1 overall a few nights before the draft, the night of the draft at Radio City Music Hall was stress-free and a TON of fun!  Emotions were charged with the excitement of the occasion and we were just trying to take in every detail of every moment and soak it in.  For Jake it was the ultimate achievement in his life and I was so proud and happy for him and excited to be there with him.

PhinNation: Other than Dolphins games (obviously), what is your favorite thing to do in Miami?

Jackie Long: I love working for The Beach Channel in South Beach.  It’s a great job, a lot of fun, and brings me to new places with great people and great food!

PhinNation: Miami has a lot of great places to eat, what is your favorite restaurant?

Jackie Long: I’m a big fan of Prime One Twelve and Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami, but up by us in Plantation we love to go to The Mustard Seed for a romantic night out and Koume for sushi.

PhinNation: Any chance of getting Jake on Twitter? He and John Jerry are the only holdouts from the starting offensive line!

Jackie Long: Nope!  Not any time soon at least, he’s not much of a social media guy and likes to stay private.

We’d like to thank Jackie again for taking time out of her busy schedule to share some insight with Dolphins fans.  Now, we can only hope that the Dolphins start talking to Jake about a contract extension to keep both of them in Miami for the rest of his career!

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