PhinNation’s Super Bowl 48 Party/Drinking Game…..Enjoy!!!!


Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for yet another football season to come to an end. Tonight, after Super Bowl 48 crowns a new champion, we will have over 7 months until a real NFL game is played.  Note: that is a long freaking time!  To help ensure that you enjoy this last bit of NFL football this season, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to come up with some party and drinking game rules that are sure to make your Super Bowl Party a little more lively.

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That’s right, we know that many of you will be joining up with other football fans (and non-football fans) to watch the big game. And what better way to get everyone involved than a good, old-fashioned drinking/party game!  So here we go, grab your favorite alcoholic beverage (or non-alcoholic beverage) and let’s get the party started!

WARNING: Do not start this game until 6:25pm EST

1. If you watched more than 10 minutes of the ridiculously long 10 hour pregame show, take a shot of Wild Turkcy and slap yourself in the face

2. If Joe Buck or Troy Aikman mention Richie Incognito or Jonathan Marin at any point, turn to the friend closest to you, give him a wedgie and a noogie.  Then tell him/her that you are tired of being bullied, throw your drink on the ground and leave the party without further explanation.

3. Everytime an announcer references Richard Sherman’s post game interview in the NFC Championship, have a drink of your beverage

4. For every broken tackle by Marshawn Lynch, take a drink of your beverage

5. Whenever the announcers say that the Super Bowl is being played in New York, mute your TV, blast some Bon Jovi and do a jaeger-bomb shot in honor of the real host sate, New Jersey (continued on page 2, CLICK HERE)

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