Phins Preseason Schedule, DeAngelo a possibility, and a Draft Position Breakdown

We’re 2 weeks away from the 1st round of the NFL draft and for some of us, it can’t come soon enough.  We’re more anxious for the draft than usual because the Lockout has pretty much silenced the NFL offseason.  With no free agent signings or trades possible because of the Lockout, the draft is really the only major event on the offseason calendar.  So that brings us to the news of the day, including the Dolphins preseason schedule, DeAngelo Williams confirms mutual interest between he and the Dolphins, and an interesting position by position draft breakdown.

Dolphins Preseason Schedule

On Tuesday, the NFL released the preseason schedules for each of the 32 teams.  Now, we just need to see if the NFL and NFLPA can get together, agree on a CBA…you know… make sure that the games actually get played!  The Dolphins preseason schedule is as follows:

August 13th – Miami @ Atlanta

August 20th – Carolina @ Miami

August 27th – Miami @ Tampa Bay

September 1st – Dallas @ Miami

Interestingly, the Dolphins don’t play the Jacksonville Jaguars, whom they traditionally play in the preseason.  The 4th and final preseason game is against the Cowboys, whom the Dolphins will see in the regular season (should it actually occur).

DeAngelo still a possibility

We’ve made no secret that we believe the Dolphins should do everything in their power to sign DeAngelo Williams (RB- Carolina) this offseason.  He will only be able to sign a new contract (with any team) after a new CBA deal is done or the Lockout is lifted.  On Saturday, Williams spoke with Omar Kelly and expressed a mutual interest between he and the Dolphins.  This is certainly exciting news for those of us that want Williams in South Beach.  If the Dolphins could bring in Williams and Mike Sims-Walker, they would instantly upgrade the speed of 2 positions on the football field, RB and WR.  The key will be how much money it takes to sign each player and if the Dolphins can fit them under the salary cap (if there is one!). 

Draft Breakdown

Dave Hyde of the Sun Sentinel has been writing a ‘Draft Winds’ column that has broken down many of the draft picks available for the Dolphins in this year’s draft.  This week he looks at each position and suggests which players might be overrated or sleepers in the draft.   We found it interesting what he had to say about Ryan Mallett.  Mallett is a bit of a polarizing figure, which makes him all the more intriguing.  Many people believe he has the skills to be a great pro, but his character concerns could have teams taking him off of their draft board.  We don’t know what goes on in the interviews, but we like his skill set and would be happy if the Dolphins could trade down and grab him late in the 1st round. 

Hyde also discusses a few running backs, including Mark Ingram, that could be high on the Dolphins draft board.  This article is a good primer for the draft, if you have some time, check it out. 

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