Phriday Phun: Peyton Manning in a Dolphins logo?

We’ve spend the last few weeks telling you about the Miami Dolphins and their QB options this offseason.  I think we’ve just about covered everything!  Peyton Manning’s health, RG3’s trade cost, and Matt Flynn’s experience are all question marks for the Dolphins.  Today, we thought we’d share a laugh with you all.  We came across this blog on Twitter (thanks to @rizzmiggizz).  Dave Rappoccio created a new logo for every NFL team……with Peyton Manning’s head built in.  Here’s what his new Dolphins logo looks like:

Picture by: Dave Rappoccio

Thought we would share for your enjoyment.  As we’ve said before, no one really knows how healthy Peyton is going to be when he is released by the Colts….Equally as important, no one has any idea which team Peyton will end up on when he’s released.  Report after report suggest different things about his health.  Bill Polian says he’s throwing the ball well, but is capped at 25 yards….Others suggest that he can’t throw to his left and doesn’t have enough zip on the ball.  It’s going to continue until the Dolphins and other NFL teams can look at Manning and watch him throw, in person.  Everything else you hear is pure conjecture and speculation.

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