Pitiful Picks: A Sunday Without Dolphins Football

On Thursday, the Miami Dolphins may have come up short, but we finally posted our first winning day of Pitiful Picks!  Going into the Thanksgiving games, we were 1-6-1.  But after a successful day Thursday (2-1), we ‘improved’ our record to 3-7-1!  We are on a roll and thought we’d make a few more picks on the non-Dolphins football Sunday ahead.  Yes, it will be a tough Sunday without a Dolphins game to watch, but having some picks on record should make it a little more interesting.  Again, given our pitifulness this season, you might want to bet against the below picks….they have been pitiful this season:

San Diego Chargers -6 over Denver Broncos

Tim Tebow’s magic is finally going to wear off.  In all honesty, Tebow’s magic has been made possible by the Bronco’s defense.  If the Broncos defense wouldn’t continue to keep the Broncos in the game into the 4th quarter, Tebow’s 4th quarter drives wouldn’t be so impressive.  I still can’t get the nightmare of Tebow’s comeback against the Dolphins out of my head…or the “We couldn’t stop Tim Tebow” song by WAARF for that matter.  In fact, his struggles earlier in the game would be criticized more.  Maybe this pick is too much of an anti-Tebow pick, because the Chargers are not that good either.  But, I think this is the week where Tebow’s heroics won’t be enough.

Seattle Seahawks -3 over Washington Redskins

This is actually the game I feel best about picking (so I’m sure it’ll be wrong).  The Seahawks have looked much better of late.  They beat the Ravens two weeks ago and put a beating on the Rams last week.  The Seahawks have had 2 impressive wins this year, against the Giants and Ravens.  I don’t think they’ll have any trouble, at home, against a Redskins team that can’t get out of their own way.  The Redskins look lost, as we saw first hand against the Dolphins. They’ll be flying cross-country to play in a place where the hometown crowd is possibly the loudest in the NFL.  Give the 3 points, it’s far too little for this game.

New England Patriots -3.5 over Philadelphia Eagles

Michael Vick is out again for the Eagles, which means Vince Young is starting.  Add that to the fact that the Eagles have played very poorly at home, and you can see why we made this pick.  The Patriots have the AFC East Title in their sights, as they have the easiest schedule of all NFL teams.  I can see Tom Brady and the Patriots TE’s carving up the weak Eagles LBs and Safeties.  I expect the Pats to win this game by more than a touchdown, so lay the 3 points.

Carolina Panthers -4 over Indianapolis Colts

Cam Newton and the Panthers might not have the wins to show for it, but they are a team that can move the football.  The Colts, meanwhile, appear to be in full Suck for Luck mode.  They passed on a chance to claim Kyle Orton and upgrade the QB position from Curtis Painter.  The Colts defense has been terrible this year, so I expect the Panthers to take full advantage.  I’d be more comfortable if this was a 3 point spread, but I still think the Panthers score enough to cover.

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