Pitiful Picks: Can the Dolphins beat Chad Henne in his return to Miami?

The Miami Dolphins head into Sunday’s game, hoping to win out and finish the season at 8-8.  The next two games for the Dolphins might be weak enough for them to get to 7-8, but a rematch against the Patriots looms in week 17.  However, by then, the Patriots might  not be playing for anything meaningful, so that could impact how they play that matchup.  Irregardless, the Dolphins have an uphill battle to get to 8-8 and it starts this week against their own former ‘franchise robot’, Chad Henne.   Can the Dolphins hold back the Wrath of the Robot?  We’ll see…and we’ll get to our pick on this game later.

Photo Courtesy of Dolphins.com

Photo Courtesy of Dolphins.com

After 14 weeks, our season record stands at 31-25, middling way too close to the .500 mark for our liking.  Amazing that we are already in week 15, isn’t it?  The NFL season goes by sooooo quickly!  There are (likely) only 3 Sunday’s left in the Dolphins season, so be sure to enjoy the games while we have them!  We’ll try to get more right than wrong this week in our picks, so we can put some distance between us and the .500 mark.

Washington Redskins +3 over Cleveland Browns

Let me get this straight: The Redskins are 1 game out off their division, have the better rookie quarterback (by far), and the Browns are 0-3 against the rest of the NFC East?  How big of favorites are the Redskins in this game?  WRONG!  They are actually 3 point underdogs in this game, so give me RG3 and give me the points!  The Redskins are battling for their playoff lives, while the Browns are fighting for .500 (like the Dolphins), usually the team with more to play for will put forth a better effort.  If that’s the case, the Redskins could win this game by at least a touchdown.  Redskins 24 Browns 17  (cont’d on page 2, click below)

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