Pitiful Picks: Can the Dolphins stop the streaking Panthers?

Dolphins fans, I must admit that I’ve missed writing each day on this blog, it’s good to be back! I’ve been on vacation in Hawaii but now I’m back and re-energized! Thanks to Jules and Cyrus for holding down the fort this week.

The Dolphins are coming off of a big win last week, which out them right in the middle of the playoff race. Now, they welcome in the streaking Panthers. Can they shock everyone in the NFL and pull out a win? We’ll get to that pick in a bit. But first, we’ll try to improve on our 22-23 record in Pitiful Picks on the season and, like the Phins, try to get over the .500 mark today:

Chiefs -4.5 over Chargers
The Chargers are good, but this is a statement game for the Chiefs who are coming off their first loss of the season. They’ll want to get right back to winning to keep pace with the Broncos in the AFC West. I think the Chiefs defense will hold the Chargers at bay and their running game will get going early and often. Prediction: Chiefs 27 Chargers 20

Steelers +1 over Browns
The Browns have struggled of late and the Steelers seem to be finding their way. Not much to this pick except for the fact that I think the Steelers are simply playing better right now. Prediction: Steelers 23 Browns 17

Jets +4 over Ravens
Don’t get me wrong ill be rooting for the Ravens in this one, but I think they are a flawed team (they are 4-6 after all!). I think the jets defense will create turnovers and their offense will have one of their good days. Prediction: Jets 20 Ravens 17

Patriots +2 over Broncos
Here’s another game I hope I’m wrong about. But every time we start to think the Patriots are in trouble, what happens? They win. I think Brady wants this game badly because he wants to beat Manning and Welker. Tough picking against the patriots, getting points at home. Prediction: Patriots 33 Broncos 30

Panthers -5 over Dolphins
Well this is the 3rd pick in a row I hope I’m wrong about! I think the Dolphins are playing better and will still have a shot at the playoffs with this loss. BUT, the Panthers defense is ferocious and the Dolphins offensive line is still in shambles (especially without Pouncey). I don’t think the Dolphins will be able to mount much of a running game and will be forced to throw too much. Again, I hope I’m wrong here! On offense, the Panthers have 2 capable running backs and a QB that is a threat to run,which will make the Dolphins defense hesitate on playaction plays. I just don’t see the Dolphins keeping this one that close. Prediction: Panthers 30 Dolphins 16