Pitiful Picks: Can the Dolphins turn it around?

New Orleans Saints +1.5 over San Francisco 49ers

Jim Harbaugh is playing with fire this week.  Alex Smith has been cleared to play, but instead he’s going with Colin Kaepernick at quarterback, in New Orleans.  I know the 49ers have a superior defense in this game, but they are on the road and I’ll take Drew Brees over Colin Kaepernick every day of the week.  This game could turn into a shootout, in which case I give the edge to Drew Brees and his weapons.  Saints 27 49ers 24

Miami Dolphins +3 over Seattle Seahawks

The Dolphins have looked terrible in each of the last 2 weeks.  On defense, they seemed to right the ship a bit last week, by keeping the Bills offense out of the end zone.  However, the Dolphins offense is still a problem.  The Dolphins have got to limit their turnovers this week against a Seattle team that is +1 on the season in the turnover department.  If Ryan Tannehill doesn’t turn the football over, the Dolphins will win this game. Case closed.  Whether or not he can do that is the big question.  To limit Tannehill’s exposure, the Dolphins need to get back to being physical on the offensive line and running the football effectively, something they haven’t done in over a month.

As we mentioned earlier this week, the Seahawks are traveling the longest distance any road team will travel in the U.S. this season.  They are also playing a 1 o’clock game, which West Coast Teams usually struggle in on the East Coast.  Add the travel to the South Florida heat and I think (hope) the Dolphins can get back on the winning track and improve to 5-6 on the season.  Dolphins 24 Seahawks 20

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