Pitiful Picks: Can the Dolphins win their 4th straight?


Last week, the Miami Dolphins pulled off the big upset that they needed to improve their playoff chances.  That win, combined with some of the other week 15 outcomes have put the Dolphins in the position to control their own destiny.  As we told you earlier this week, all they need to do is to beat the Bills and Jets and they will make the postseason for the first time since 2o08.  If they stumble this week against the Bills, they’ll need to hope for a lot of help.

Photo Courtesy of Dolphins.com

Photo Courtesy of Dolphins.com

After a bad week last week when our picks were…..wait for it…..pitiful, we now stand at 35-29 on the season.  I have never been so happy to be wrong about a game as when I picked the Patriots -1.5 over the Dolphins last week.  The Dolphins did a great job in holding on and continuing to fight back during last week’s game.  Let’s see if we can’t close out our Pitiful Picks season on a strong note, just like we all hope the Dolphins can do.  We’re going to focus our picks this week on the games that effect the Dolphins playoff chances….because…why not?!

Patriots +2 over Ravens

Let me get this straight: The Patriots are getting points….coming off of a loss….when Tom Brady was so mad he could barely speak after the game.  This is truly a win-win game for the Dolphins as long as they take care of business in Buffalo.  If the Patriots win, they’ll clinch the AFC East, but they’ll also severely hurt the Ravens playoff chances.   However, if the Ravens win, they’ll set up a winner take all game in week 17 versus the Bengals for the AFC North title….and create a chance for the Dolphins to win the AFC East if the Dolphins can win against the Bills and Jets.  If the Dolphins win both games and get to 10-6, they can hope that the Patriots lose to the Ravens and Bills….and the Dolphins will be the AFC East champs.  For this game, give me the Patriots and the points.  Prediction:  Patriots 27 Ravens 20

Raiders +10 over Chargers

I don’t think the Raiders have enough talent to beat the Charers outright, especially in San Diego.  BUT, I think they’ll keep it closer than the 10 points that are in play here.  Phillip Rivers is due for one of his ‘bad’ games and I think this will be the game that his inconsistency shows through.  The Chargers need to win their last 2 and hope the Ravens and Dolphins both lose their last 2 games.  Prediction:  Chargers 30 Raiders 24

Packers -1 over Steelers

Both of these teams have faint playoff hopes.  The Packers hopes are all but extinguished since Aaron Rodgers won’t be playing.  But, given the fact that their offense started clicking last week and they’re at home, I think they pull this game out.  Prediction:  Packers 24 Steelers 20

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