Pitiful Picks: Dolphins and other Thanksgiving Games

I’m hoping that there are similarities between the Miami Dolphins season and my season picks.  I missed a bunch of weeks, but currently sit at an impressive 1-6-1 record.  Not quite as bad as the Dolphins 0-7 start, but bad nonetheless.  Actually, if you are a betting man/woman, you’d be wise to pick the opposite of what I pick.  However, I’m hoping to turn things around, starting this week.  Like the Dolphins, I wasn’t doing enough to get the job done.  So here they are, PhinNation.com’s Pitiful Picks for week 12, Thanksgiving Edition:

Detroit Lions +7 over Green Bay Packers

Recently, the Thanksgiving Day game involving the Lions has been the weakest game on the schedule.  This year, some would argue, it’s the best game.  The Lions (7-3) will host the undefeated Green Bay Packers (10-0) in the early game on Thursday.  The Lions are coming off a shootout win against the Panthers, while the Pack is coming off a closer than expected win against the Buccaneers.  This is set up to be a high scoring game, as both offenses can put up points.  Going with that logic, I’m going with the home team, that also happens to have the better pass defense.  The Lions rank #5 in the NFL in pass defense, while the Packers rank #31.  Yes, I know the Packers rank 31 in some part because they are usually ahead, forcing teams to throw more.  But, I think the Lions keep this game closer than a TD and could win the game outright.

Miami Dolphins +7 over Dallas Cowboys

Here we go again, Dolphins at Cowboys.  We shared our favorite Thanksgiving Day moments yesterday (of course Leon Lett was involved!).  Historically, the Dolphins have played very well on Thanksgiving Day.  The Dolphins have a 5-1 record on Thanksgiving and are currently riding a 3 game winning streak.  The Dolphins defense has played well and Matt Moore has done an excellent job of leading the Dolphins offense.  The Cowboys rank in the top 10 in both rushing and passing offense.  However, the Dolphins defense is playing very well of late.  In fact, the Dolphins haven’t allowed a touchdown in 12 quarters (3 games).  If the Dolphins play defense the way the have for the last 3 games AND Matt Moore continues to protect the football, the Dolphins will keep this game close….and could pull out the victory.

Baltimore Ravens -3 over San Fransisco 49ers

Ah, the Harbaugh Bowl.  John Harbaugh and the Ravens host Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers.  I’m not completely sold on the Ravens, but I think they’ll build on their win last week against the Bengals.  I think the Ravens defense will keep Frank Gore in check and harass Alex Smith.  The 49ers have won 8 straight, but they will be travelling cross-country on a very short week to play this game.  I expect the good Joe Flacco to show up Thursday night and the 49ers winning streak to end.

Hopefully, this week we can improve on our terrible record thus far in Pitiful Picks.  Hopefully, the Dolphins can make it 4 straight with a win over the Cowboys.  Hopefully you all have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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