Pitiful Picks: Who will win Super Bowl 47?

The Miami Dolphins season has been over for 4 weeks, but the NFL season has still continued.  This afternoon, the 2012 season finally comes to an end, when either the 49ers or Ravens will be crowned Super Bowl Champion.  Will it be John Harbaugh or Jim Harbaugh holding the Lombardi trophy at the end of the night?  We’ll know by about 10pm tonight.

Photo Courtesy of Dolphins.com

Photo Courtesy of Dolphins.com

In our final Pitiful Picks segment of the season, we’re going to go with the San Francisco 49ers (-4) to win the Championship.  In my opinion, the 49ers have a more talented and younger team than the Ravens.  While their youth could be a problem in a game this big, I think they matchup problems they create will ultimately win the game for them.  In fact, I’m concerned that this game could turn into a blowout.  It’s not like this young 49ers team  hasn’t faced adversity this season.  In the NFC Championship game against the Falcons, the 49ers were down 17-0, but stayed with their strength, ran the football, and climbed back into the game.

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